To The Guy I Never Knew I Needed

To The Guy I Never Knew I Needed

I have been struggling with things all my life but the hardest things have come during my relationship with my boyfriend. I was never one to know or admit that I needed someone but he came and stayed through everything and I could not be more thankful.


Like most people, I am not the type of person to EVER admit that I need help. I work through things on my own, I keep everything to myself and I move on with my life. I have struggled with anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember honestly and I never let anybody know it. I would never try to lean on anybody for help until I met my boyfriend.

I am not saying I wouldn't complain to my friends, because I sure as hell did and I still do. But, complaining to your friends is not always a cry for help or completely disclosing exactly how you feel and why you feel, it's usually just talking. But my boyfriend? That is a different story.

He came into my life when I did not know I needed him. He came into my life when I was struggling. He came into my life, picked me up, put me on his back, and carried me. He came into my life and completely changed how I looked at the world. He did not only change the way I think about others but he changed the way that I think about myself.

He is my shoulder to cry on. The one person who listens to everything I say, no matter how many times I say it. He is the one who is pushing me to do what is best for me in one of the hardest times of my life. He is the one who made me realize that I deserve better from my friends and from my family.

He is the person who tells me what I need to hear.

I have experienced love in my life before but this was a different type of love. My parents were not together when I was born or throughout my life so I never really had any idea of what a real relationship looked like. I never knew what it was like to see two people in love except in movies and we all know that isn't real.

He taught me love.

That is the cheesiest thing I have ever said but it is true. Loving your family and friends is so different than the love you feel for a significant other.

As we get older, things seem to get harder. We both have our own busy schedules and not much free time to talk like we used to. We argue about stupid little things that don't matter and probably never will. We get angry. We cry...well I do most of the crying. But all of the emotions and feelings that we throw at each other is nothing short of love.

We fight because we want everything to work out. I cry because I want him to understand where I am coming from. I think people tend to break up or get upset when their relationship isn't perfect, but nothing is perfect.

I am not perfect. He is not perfect. We are not perfect. But he came at the perfectly right time and made me realize that I don't have to go through life on my own. I am allowed to lean on someone for help. He came when I never thought I needed him.

I am here to say that no matter how badly you want to be independent and deal with things on your own, it is okay to let someone in. It is okay to need someone, even when you really don't think you do.

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Let's Just Say It, Online Dating Can Be One Of The Worst College Experiences

I don't even know where to begin.


The smartphone took away the human need for in-person contact without addressing a desire for intimacy, creating a kicking, screaming baby: the dating app. While some experiences can be worthwhile, dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble have caused distress in the college dating community.

Many students find it challenging to stay interested enough to meet the person they've been chatting with in person. Conversations are harder to keep alive, intentions aren't clear enough and it's easier to be judgmental toward someone when you're speaking to them for the first time online.

Speaking from experience, when you finally do find someone worth meeting in person from Tinder or Bumble, the first date can often times be different — and worse — than expected. Most of the time, this is because the image created in your head of your newest match usually doesn't add up to how they are in real life.

According to Psychology Today, the variety of potential partners offered through dating apps can make it even more difficult when it comes to searching for a relationship. With so many virtual profiles to consider, many single people find that online dating isn't as helpful as originally thought.

A quarter of 25- to 40-four-year-olds use online dating apps, but only about five percent of users are able to successfully form a relationship from them. If you have ever been on Tinder, you can already agree to the fact that its focus is more toward instant satisfaction rather than a long-term, healthy relationship.

"Dating today is a nightmare," says Behavioral Psychologist and Author Barry Schwartz told Psychology Today.

For each first meeting, you don't know what to expect — so expect the worst. Many women who are dating tend to send their current location to their close friends, bring along pepper spray and mentally prepare. While not all first dates are awful enough to take action, it's better to be safe than sorry when a date goes south.

There are bad experiences involved with online dating as a college student, but we can't let that keep us from looking for relationships. If you aren't a fan of apps like Tinder, try being more friendly to peers during class, club meetings or parties. You never know if sparks fly unless you try.

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