As someone who is very independent and who doesn't like to be around people often, I choose my friends carefully. In general, I act similarly to everyone I meet, but I am also less sarcastic than I am with close friends, more polite, and less talkative. My friends seem to share those same traits as well, becoming more reserved around strangers than they are when we hang out. Recently, I have noticed a large difference in my friends from high school and the ones I've made in college.

In high school:

I didn't have many close friends, but the ones I did have were amazing in their own ways. the major difference I've noticed here, is that my friends all had the same interests as me, in both art and storytelling. They influenced my style of drawing, encouraging me to improve, and even now we use it when we hang out.

1. The Oldest of the group

While she wasn't that much older, two years in high school is a big deal. She was the first to get her license, the first to be able to drive everyone around the movies. She was also the first to really introduce me to the style of drawing I use now, and encouraged me to join clubs, for art and writing.

2. The Youngest Friend

As the youngest, my friend didn't get her licence until after I graduated, (and I got mine pretty late) and didn't even go to my high school my senior year. Often, when we got together, we had to be aware of schedule and timing since she had to find a ride from one of us or her parents.

In college:

I've made so many friends, acquaintances, and had so many encounters with people who started as complete strangers but have become friends. Not only do they come from over the United States and across the world, but they all have so many different dreams for their futures and places they want to go. The major difference form high school is that there are so many people from so many places, ways of life, and with so many diverse dreams that they are following. Also, the age difference is almost unknown for most people, and whether that person is a freshman, a super senior, or a commuter with kids at home, doesn't matter to anyone.

1. The Long Distance Relationship

An old roommate, a transfer to a different college closer to home, we are still friends who talk every week. Her attitude and personality makes it feel like there is no way you could ever not be friends and half of the conversation is "When will I be able to see you?" She was even been asked, by a stranger, if we had broken up, (while I was on a trip), and had to explain that, "No, we weren't dating, we're just good friends."

2. The Coworker-Turned-Friend

You may not run into them often but it's always the best when you realize you work with a friend on your shift. Your friendship blossomed out of sharing the same annoyances of food service (like the people who come in two minutes before you close) and eventually turned into a friendship that you would never want to end. Now, you hang out on the weekends and are always excited to see them at work, or when one of you isn't working.

3. The One from Home

This one you may or may not know from high school, this person attends the same college as you and can have an immediate connection. I mean, who else will understand your references to a Rickers' pop or Payless (not the shoe store), but someone who knows your hometown? Your friendship starts almost from the moment you know where they're from, and immediately makes you feel a connection with them.

There are many types of friends that I didn't mention here and I'll mention those some other time. College is so different from high school, but the friends you make last for a lifetime, or at least, I hope they do.