Ahh the gym, what a wonderful place for people watching. While working out I try to distract myself from whatever form of activity I’m doing to make it go by quicker. In this process, I have found that there are four types of people who go to the gym.

1. The Builder

There is nothing wrong with wanting some extra muscle or even muscle tone, but this person wants more. This person, I am afraid their eyes are going to pop out from the amount of weight they are lifting. This person strongly resembles a piece of broccoli from the the abundant muscles that grace their arms, shoulders, and chest.

2. The Beginner

These gym-goers typically want to try anything and everything. The only downside is that they know nothing about how to work any of the machines. All I see is a random pressing of buttons until they jump from the movement of the machine coming to life. I commend you beginners for the courage to try something new, you’ll get the hang of it.

3. The Frequenter

These gym rats go near every day and know exactly what they are going to do. They mean business and get it done in a timely manner. They have built a certain amount of time everyday into their schedule that allows them to stay fit. They do not mess around.

4. The Attention Seekers

This could be a girl wearing a push-up bra instead of a sports bra. This could be the guy who only lifts weights when a girl is standing near by. This could be the girl who shows up with her hair and makeup freshly done. This could be a guy who wears a shirt that is so ripped that it could hardly be called a shirt. But I know we have all seen the mirror selfies.