The 5-Minute Habit That Replaced Checking My Phone Every Morning
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Listen, I'm really not a morning person.

Oops, didn't mean to insert a GIF of me!Giphy

I love sleep, and the thought of getting out of my cocoon to do actual work and responsibilities is not an exciting prospect.

I also used to check my phone every morning, scrolling and scrolling before I even left the bed. This never made me feel good or excited about the day; I was already involved in everyone else's lives before checking in with my own.

For the last two weeks, every day—without fail—I've picked up a new habit to replace this morning phone usage. It's journaling.

But wait, before you click off, this isn't your average "pour all your feelings" journal, or one designed for productivity. It's a simple format; every page is the same, with 3 questions in the morning and 2 in the night. It's gotten me to be more grateful about my life and manifest more happiness into my days. Here are the morning questions.

First, the page starts you off with an inspiring quote. These are always really nice to read, and I have to stop myself from looking at the ones on the days ahead because they're just that good!

Then, question one: "I am grateful for..." with 3 lines beneath. If I'm feeling crappy, or even if not, this is always helpful to check my privilege and appreciate the things I have. I tend to put down one thing I'm feeling in the moment (the cold glass of water I just drank), one thing that's been really adding a lot to my life (Olivia O'Brien's new album) and one thing I am always grateful for (my health).

Question two: "What would make today great?" I think this is honestly my favorite question because here, you can manifest exactly how you want the day to go and predict future mistakes you will have.

Question three: "Daily affirmations. I am..." This question is great because it's a little self-love reminder that can buoy us through the rest of our day.

And that's the habit! So simple, so easy, pick the journal up from Urban Outfitters for under $25. Honestly, one of my best purchases this summer.

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