The Fall of the Far Right

In recent weeks amnesiac individuals within American society have been shocked with the realization that the US still has a Far Right embodiment consisting of groups like Nazis/Neo-Nazis, White Supremacist, Neoconfederates, and other extremely hostile ideologies. The unfortunate repercussions of this anmesic reaction is that those individuals attempt to depict those opposing these antithetical forces as somehow morally equivalent in reflecting how one goes about stopping hostile ideologies.

The one of the biggest flaw of societal groupthink existing today is that suggesting calls to take action against the rising white supremacist/far right phenomenon as somehow an anomaly of ill intent and/or people who are just "overreacting". That line of thinking is all entirely based on the assumption that it is these Far Right groups who are ideologically attempting to seize power, rather than them working towards retaining what currently exists/regressing to nostalgic times in the past. Let us not forget that within regions of the US eugenics research was extremely prominent, the German schools that eventually founded the Nazi eugenics program took inspiration off of offices and research institutes in California, Alabama, Midwestern states, etc. At Midwestern fairs in the late 19th and early 20th century there were contests, similar to animal contests, called "Fitter Families" in which families completed to see who were "superior" from a eugenics perspective; a prime example of the normalcy white supremacy used to represent in the cultures of the United States.

The last 500 years of world history has been dictated by the ideas and philosophies of white supremacist/far right ideologies from Europe and the United States. In that time we have killed hundreds of millions of our own species across the planet, triggered a mass extinction of such a scale unseen for 65 million years, and have almost fully collapsed the systems of the biosphere completely. All of these sins are attributed to each one of us by simple designation of the civilization that we live in; since we have not grown up as a society and haven't taken responsibility for our collective errors and mistakes.

If we are truly wishing to stop the violence generated by these Far Right ideologies than we must have an honest assessment of the groups, organizations, and institutions of the US to reflect on our past actions. Just as the Nuremberg trials and Tokyo trials of World War II showed humanity that "just following orders" is not a justifiable excuse for atrocities in the name of ideological pursuits; it is time for us as a civilization to acknowledge that "just following my beliefs" is just as harmful and antithetical to the human species and civilization.

The United States, whether the citizens remember and recognized it or not, was formed by a Colonial-Settler mentality that relied on Far Right philosophies like white supremacy and vigilante militias to terrorize and facilitate a structure of control that subverted entire portions our society into a sub-human existence. This past can not be forgotten when examining modern opposition movements like the Antifascist movement. It is a past that we must face and psychologically overcome with a steadfast resolve.

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