Over the past two weeks, all the news seems to want to discuss are the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and many do complain that they're "so over this election," but I still think we need to keep talking. We are after all choosing who will run our great nation...that's kind of a big deal. Also, I promise that there will be a picture of two small animals, if you read to the end of the article. Two adorable animals who although everything may seem horrible still make the world a great place.

Now, for some, the choices may not seem the best for either political party. However, while they are both vastly different, both political parties can agree on one thing: They want change. (Yes, Obama, I hear your echoes from the past.) The Democratic Party wants to keep progressing, while the Republican Party places more of an emphasis on tradition.

At the DNC, the Democratic Party brought a lot of star power and made history. They had numerous stars showing their support for the Democratic nominee. Democrats talked about change, especially with Hillary talking about working with Bernie Sanders about making it easier to pay off college debt, making gun control safer and making big companies pay, if they decide to export jobs.

One important side note many people may not realize is Hilary Clinton isn't the first woman to run for president; that honor would belong to Victoria Claflin Woodhull; she was the first woman to win a major political party nomination. So Clinton is actually the second woman to receive the nomination.

On the other hand, the Republicans seemed to want to go back to the past. While their speakers were clearly passionate in what they believed in, one thing that came out of the convention was Ted Cruz. He didn't endorse Trump, and that took guts...major guts. Not to mention the party discussed the concept of "making America great again" and wanting to change everything back. Back to where exactly is still very ambiguous.

During his 75-minute speech, Trump said he would defeat ISIS, build his famous wall and was the only one who could fix America. Honestly, I'm suspicious of the concept of fixing America...anyone else feeling a little bit of a dictatorship vibe?

Regardless, history was made. In the words of Lin-Manual Miranda's musical "Hamilton," "Look around, look around, what a time to be alive right now."

All in all, the conventions' participants wanted the same thing: change, but in different directions. Republicans and Democrats both pulled out all the stops to present their sides, and it's important to understand both completely if we are to choose who exactly we want our next president to be.

Now, like I promised, here is a picture of two small baby animals with a butterfly.