The Different Types Of Children You Work With

Most young women that I know aspire to become an elementary school teacher. That was once my dream, too. Once upon a time when I began college I found a job that allowed me to work with children. Under the circumstances that I still work here and do not want to expose anybody I will not name the establish. Just know that the people I work with are awesome and most of the kids are as well... but there are times where we all want to rip our hair out and I'm sure everyone who has ever worked in childcare will relate.

1. The Clinger

Everyone has that child that grows fond to you. Then you quickly realize that their death grip around your arm is impossible to pry off.

2. The Little Nasty

When we finally think we have found a well behaved child that actually minds it blows us away. Then one day you find them picking their nose. Gross right? Your hatred will grow when you are moving tables and find their little green hiding spot with your innocent fingers. It will never be untouched.

3. The Cry Baby

There is always that one little kid that cannot even be looked at without crying. At first you're concerned and eventually you become immune to the sound of their loud unfiltered whines.

4. The Boo Boo

The boo boo is a kid that literally gets hurt every hour. The kid that sucks the band-aid supply clean and that makes your hand cramp from accident reports.

5. The What Time Is It?

This is the kid that would yell, "Are we there yet?" on a 20 hour car ride every five minutes, except there are clocks all around.

6. The Little Devil

We all know a kid that thinks they do no wrong. They are the ones that Netflix will one day make a documentary about. You know the kind where they are framed for murder but they swear they didn't even do it?

7. The Privileged

This kid thinks they can do whatever, whenever they want. Start a food fight? Knock the trash over? Burn the place down? Well it's not like they ever get in trouble.

8. The Sass Master

Now this is one kind of kid I can barely stand. My sass levels are through the roof and I have to leave all that sass behind me when I walk in the doors. This is the kid that I would sass the life out of if it meant not getting fired.

At the end of the day there are great stories to tell and kids that love your presence. They look forward to seeing us and we kind of look forward to seeing them.

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