I was recently informed by my little sister that I am the designated b**** of our family. She started off by saying, “Every family has one, and it's not me, it's not mom, and it's not dad, so all that is left is you.” At first, I felt insulted, but after I let it sink in, I came to the realization that I am the b**** of the family. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I am the only one who will tell people how it is. I am the one that everyone comes to when there is a problem, and I have the ability to speak what is on my mind.

I have been known for letting my friends and family know how I really feel. I am the first one to call a family member out if they do something stupid. For instance, my little sister, Emma, likes to dabble in different “talents”. Some of her “talents” have included: trying to play guitar, painting canvases, bracelet making, singing videos, and playing basketball on rollerblades. All of those “talents” were relatively cheap to take on. But her new profound “talent” has been photography. I am down for her utilizing her iPhone camera and adding different Instagram photos, but that is not how this new “talent” has gone down.

She decided to spend $500 on a professional camera. Are you kidding me? $500 for something she has built into her phone? She has had the camera for roughly two weeks now, and the only person who has taken any pictures on it has been my mom. Emma has posed in the living room and demanded my mom take pictures of her. I was the one who took the matters into my hands and called Emma out of her stupid purchase.

Now, who is the one buying her lunch or spotting her $5? Me! I am the one now who has to deal with her stupid ideas. No one else in my family thought it was a terrible idea for her to buy a $500 camera, hell my mom was the one who took her to Best Buy to purchase it. Anytime Emma mentions anything about not having any money, the first thing out of my mouth is, “Well if you didn’t spend so much on that camera, you would have some money.” I guess if I have to be the b****, and call my sister out, then so be it.

Every family needs that one person to keep it all together, whether it is being done in a nice way or a not so nice way. The designated b**** of the family is the one who makes sure everything is in line. The designated b**** of the family is the person people know not to mess with. The designated b**** of the family is the one who will fight or argue with anyone who talks negatively about your family. The designated b**** of the family will do ANYTHING to help a family member out. As the designated b**** of my family, I wear the title with honor and pride. I know that my parents and sister secretly fear me. I will continue to tell people how I really feel. I will use my bitchiness to help people out and get things done.