12 Reasons Netflix Should Know 'One Tree Hill' Is The Best Show, Always And Forever
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12 Reasons Netflix Should Know 'One Tree Hill' Is The Best Show, Always And Forever

The day Netflix died.

12 Reasons Netflix Should Know 'One Tree Hill' Is The Best Show, Always And Forever
The CW

I remember the night I found out that Netflix was removing One Tree Hill.

I had snuggled into my bed to watch some good-hearted OTH before drifting to sleep. (Because who doesn’t want to go to sleep dreaming of James Lafferty?) Then the dreaded words appeared: This Show Is Available Until October 1st. Just go ahead and take out all of the joy in my life, why don’t ya.

I’m still in mourning.

So to deal with this tragic news, here are 12 reasons why One Tree Hill was the greatest show of all time. And if you didn’t get a chance to watch it before Netflix turned evil, my heart hurts for you.

1. Friends First

You won’t make it without your best friends. You just won’t.

2. People are going to judge you. Ignore them.

We're all just here doing our own thing. You wanna get married in high school? Be a rockstar, an author, a NBA player, a mom, own a record label? You do you.

3. It teaches us so many life lessons.

Like, if a psycho nanny kidnaps your child, hit them over the head with a bottle of alcohol. And don't broadcast your life over a webcam, Peyton. Seriously, what's with the psychos in this show?

4. It shows the inevitable change in character that comes with being human.

One name: Brooke Davis. She was absolutely awful in the first season. But by the end of the series, she’s easily everyone’s favorite character. The party girl transformed into the most hardworking and compassionate woman that we all aspire to be. And she got her happy ending even thought it took some time. I could probably write an entire article of the inspiration that is Brooke Davis.

5. Having someone older and wiser is a must

Good 'ole Whitey. His devotion to his late wife was probably the sweetest thing ever, and none of these characters would have made it out alive without his guidance and advice.

6. Love is messy and worth fighting for.

It’s hard and takes a lot of work, and sometimes it hurts. But when you find the right person to fight for, you fight like hell. Even when your wife runs off with the enemy Chris Keller, your kid gets kidnapped by a psycho, and your husband gets held hostage by foreign mafia. Love is greater.

7. Life doesn’t always happen the way we want.

Moral of the story, avoid getting into bar fights and becoming an alcoholic. But if you do? Rise up, conquer it, and be better for it. In every obstacle you face.

8. People change.

DAN SCOTT. You evil evil person. But I still wanted to cry when you died, darn you. Sorry your heart fell on an emergency room floor and got eaten by a dog..?

9. Life is fragile

Don't take people for granted, and love them love them love them. You never know what tomorrow holds. (And don't shoot your big brother).

10. We all face depression at some point

Life is going to have some hard trials. Find the people that are going to carry you through them.

11. If you have the passion, you will go far.

I’m not sure how realistic it was for every single one of these characters to achieve their life goal by 25. But I mean, we can still try.

12. If you don't agree that this is the best show ever, please leave.

Seriously, what's not to love?

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