Before I start this article, I would like to put out a trigger warning for everyone. I would advise anyone who is reading this piece to go into it with an open mind and not bring in the bias that they carry with them. Thank you.

From my time as a young boy, I have always been taught about the horrors that war come with. I have been told of the death casualty and I even remember asking my father "How many people die in a war" to which he answers "too many to count". I have been taught that we should learn to respect everyone no matter what their background was and no matter who or what they believed in. Yet, in the past couple weeks, I have found it increasingly hard to do that.

In South East Asia, there has always been a conflict between India and Pakistan after receiving their respective independence from Britain. In India, Pakistan is seen as the enemy who will pounce to attack to claim Jammu and Kashmir while in Pakistan, India is seen as the country who wrongfully took land that was promised to them. I understand that there is a side to both opposing countries but I have grown increasingly worried with how it is continually being treated. Countries all around the world should be focusing on global cooperation but rather, we could have a war in the largest continent of the world in our hands. Frankly, the climate of our world should be more dependent on how we should treat our enemies and how to make more political connections rather than continue to escalate the conflicts that are present.

Many people in India called for a attack after Pakistan laid the first strike and the atmosphere of war has been spreading to other people. I would like to advocate to these people that war is never the best option. It doesn't matter who laid down the first strike, we should be more focused on brining a treaty or some type of peace. People's families will be torn apart and loved ones will be lost if this conflict grows more than the regional battle that is taking place right now. It seems unlikely at the moment but many citizens in both nations have called for a no war strategy and have taken to the internet to make their point.

Conflict is never the best way for countries to achieve their ends. No matter what people are going to be hurt but it should be about creating the least number of tragedies and loss of life, not attempting to tear countries apart. At the end of the day, we are all human and the only way that we can focus on brining peace to our world is to work together and hope that those in charge will make the right decisions in protecting us and the other people around us. War is never the answer and only with peace can real change be made.