Sweets, man. Something we all know and love. Some trend that goes around is: "The college majors as _____" so why not hop on board? These are the college majors as a sweet treat, and why.

1. Philosophy - Skittles

Can you taste the rainbow? What does it taste like? I disagree, let's argue about it.

2. History - Ashura (Noah's Pudding)

A Turkish delicatessen, also known as the oldest dessert known to mankind.

3. Education - Apple Pie

No middle school teacher's desk is complete without a bright shiny apple. Naturally, no apple pie is complete without the apples.

4. Psychology - 7 Layer Cake

Because when we all grow up, in the end, we want to divulge into the layers of people's minds and try to help them.

5. Art - Acai Bowl

Beautifully thought up of, beautifully presented...it's truly a work of art.

6. Musical Theatre/ Dance - Fro-Yo

These artistic people express themselves physically through dance and performance art. With all the twists and twirls in a chocolate/ vanilla frozen yogurt mix, this only makes complete, logical sense.

7. Bio/ Chem/ Physics - Popping Boba

It just looks like a science experiment gone right. Put that stuff as a topping on some fro-yo, and enjoy the burst of flavor that your mouth is experiencing.

8. Marketing - Oreos

America's most advertised cookie. Something tells me there were some genius marketing majors behind that.

9. Linguistics - Pecan Pie

PeCAN or PeCON. However, you may pronounce it still tastes the same. And it tastes delicious.

10. Political Science - Twix

A constant argument between right and left and which one is better.

11. Sociology - Pancakes

Sociology is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. Humans like pancakes and pancakes require structure and balance, just like the life of a person.

12. Pre-Med - Muffins

Let's be real. The muffin is a stepping stone to become a cupcake. Being a pre-med student is the stepping stone to becoming a doctor.

13. Criminal Justice - Sour Patch

First, they're sour, then they're sweet. Well, what are they?!? If it were a crime to be this cute of a gummy, the criminal justice majors would be behind this.

14. Filmmaking - "Cake"

I hate to burst your bubbles, but they don't actually use real food in movies/commercials/TV shows. The long time it takes to shoot a scene would have the food deteriorate and lose its greatness. Here's a video to spark your interest. Fun fact, the cake below is made of styrofoam, caulking, drywall, and items from a local hardware store.

15. Mathematics - Macaroons

Because even the best pastry chefs mess this up because it's complicated. And math is fucking complicated.

16. English - Tea Biscuit

Tea... Boston Tea Party... Britain... England... English... I'm not sure where I'm going with this but it makes sense in my mind

17. Accounting - Rice Pudding

I actually love rice pudding, but without flavor, it can be bland and boring. No hate, but I have never met an accountant who likes being an accountant. There's no pizzaz to it.

18. Nursing - Lollipop

Going to the nurse sucks (unless you were like me and used it as an excuse to go home early during the day... don't do that, kid). And you know what we also suck on? Lollipops.

19. Journalism - Fortune Cookie

Journalists thrive on writing for newspapers and columns, maybe there is one behind the wonderful fortunes we break into.

20. Undeclared - Fudge

Everybody likes fudge, and everybody starts off never knowing what they want to do. Chocolate is the basis of all great desserts (that have chocolate in them).