The California Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask
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The California Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask

A big thing right now is the charcoal peel off mask that is supposed to remove stuff from your pores. Is it worth it and does it work?

The California Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask

No secret; I've had skin problems since I was about 12. Specifically, acne and dry skin. You wouldn't be able to tell if I do my makeup right, but it's there as always. One big fad I've noticed floating around is the charcoal peel off masks. Most people watch videos of people using charcoal masks because the users are screaming at how much it hurts to peel off the mask and usually, someone rips it off for them, adding to the humor.

But at the end of the video there are two results; it actually works! or this didn't do anything at all!

So one day while casually strolling through Walmart, I passed by the shelf filled with products they try to sell to you right before you leave. I noticed a box; The California Charcoal Peel Off Face Mask.


With failed acne medications in the form of pills and creams, over-the-counter cleansers and makeup subscription fails, I thought "Hey, why not give this a shot!"

One thing I liked before trying the mask is that it vegan, gluten free and cruelty free. Simply because I'm a huge animal lover and my mom is allergic to gluten, I liked this right away and figured if it worked for me, my mom could use it too!

After I took a shower, my hair wrapped up in a towel and with my lovely assistant (A.K.A. my mom), we applied the mask. I had to wet my face down with hot water and apply the mask. It was freezing on my skin and it tingled. Not quite a burning sensation though. I figured that it was because my face was on fire from the hot water and then I applied something cold.

There wasn't a set time of how long it would take to harden, only that it took longer the more of it you applied. So, I applied and played the waiting game.

When I could no longer move my mouth without feeling like the mask was ripping (about ten to 15 minutes), my lovely assistant helped me peel it off.

I was prepared to have my skin ripped off and bone to be exposed!

But I felt nothing.

She peeled about half of it off and I didn't even flinch. She even pull some hair that got caught in the mask and all I could think was, "Okay." It didn't hurt whatsoever! It came off smooth and clean with the exception of a couple of spots that hadn't fully hardened yet, and those just came off with a little bit of water.

So why are the people in the videos screaming as if someone just stole their last doughnut?

I washed off the mask remains and looked at my skin. Yes, the acne is still there, but I look at the mask and the results actually matched what was on the box. It was a mix of dry skin and gunk from my face (yes, gross but that's what it does). My skin felt smooth where there wasn't acne, it felt a little bit dry but that was to be expected.

Overall, I was very happy and I didn't even use the whole bottle, which means that I can use it multiple times before having to go out and buy it again if I wanted to keep using it!

On the box it said that it was from As Seen On TV and BulbHead. If we go to BulbHead's website we can find it available for purchase for $19.99.


Or you can do what I did and get it at Walmart for $6.99.

Would I pay for this again, yes I would! I think it's a nice mask, it didn't burn or itch which I was worried about due to my sensitive skin. It was easy to apply and remove and it wasn't painful despite all the videos that I have seen. If you're looking for a mask to try, I would try this one. Just don't get it from BulbHead for $20 when you can get it for less than half that price.

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