To The Boy I Marry
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To The Boy I Marry

Because I pray for you every single day, and I hope you pray for me too.

To The Boy I Marry
Marysa Wigley

I thought about you today, but I really I think about you every single day. I thought about the way your voice sounds when you speak and the color of your eyes and how sweet your laugh must be. I get excited for the day when our laughs are a mix and I can't tell the difference between the two because we will eventually become one. I get excited when I think about how we will wake up next to each other and I'll close my eyes and re-open them just to make sure I'm not dreaming anymore. I think of all the special times we will share and why I never shared them with anyone else in my life. I think about the day I will stand in front of you and promise my life in front of you and our closest friends and family. I don't know exactly what you're thinking all the time, but I pray you're thinking about me too and our future together. And really, I'm sure you're just out there being the most precious guy I know of.

I pray for your future a lot. I pray that when you're in school, you don't stress like me. You feel calm. I pray that you want to be working man and that while you're working, you're doing it in a field that you have absolutely fallen in love with and you wake up everyday excited to conquer life. I pray that we will never suffer and we will have all the desires of our hearts and for our homes.

Above everything I could pray for, I pray for your heart. That it is filled with joy and the love of Jesus. That you are so abundantly blessed with love that you will love me in the same way. That you are never discouraged and you are always motivated to follow the path that is made for you. I pray that we will be able to lean on each other in the bad and celebrate the good.

I want you to be patient with me even when I do not deserve it. You will learn that I'm such a handful and I know it to be true. I want you to be loved by so many around you like I know I will love you. I hope that I am always reminded of the eager, fearless man that you are and your dedication to our life. I can't wait for the day your family pulls me to the side and reminds me of the precious treasure you are how I am to protect you and guard your heart because you are few and far in between.

I know in the heart of who I am that you were made for me and hand crafted by our maker to fit everything I've ever needed. I am excited for our future, for our life, for our endeavors. I will love you forever until I can't any longer. I hope that somewhere, someday - you've stopped and prayed for someone like me.

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