The Best NBA Shoes
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The Best of the NBA Kicks 2018

My Top 12

The Best of the NBA Kicks 2018

As the NBA season has been going for a little over a month now it is always fun to talk about the shoes. NBA players carry some of the best shoe deals and can be considered the biggest sneaker-heads. This is the top twelve so far this season in my opinion though there are some I definitely could have mentioned, its hard to get them all.

Lebron 16- 1 Thru 5 (What the)

Retail $400 -StockX

Early in the season Lebron James (SF Los Angeles Lakers), debuted these on opening night for the Lakers October 18th these bad boys, come at a high price but with a unique design means it usually means a tough price but I believe $400 is honestly fair for these considering the quantity of them.

Air Jordan 5 "PSG"

Retail $ 4,000 -StockX

The rarest of the rare would be worn by none other than the Sneaker King himself... PJ Tucker (SF Houston Rockets) wore these amongst two other pairs of shoes in his regular season debut this season on October 18th the Air Jordan PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) is part of a rare collection that came out earlier this year while you can get the same shoe in black for around $275 the white is a little bit harder to come by.

Paul George 2 -Coloring book

Retail $130 - Nike ID

Just a regular pair of Paul George (SF Oklahoma City Thunder) customs to some people, but to Jason Tatum (SF Boston Celtics) who debuted this custom look last month they mean a little more these shoes were inspired by his 10-month-old son...if that is not love for your family I don't know what is. while you can customize a similar pair for around $130 it might be harder to get a pair exactly the same considering his were signed by Kobe Bryant (retired SG Los Angeles Lakers).

Jordan 8 Retro OVO white

Retail $300 - StockX

Any time the shoe has OVO in it you would imagine it would be a bit pricey but the 8's are not as popular and find you can get them on the really cheap side of an OVO product. Taurean Prince who is playing for the Atlanta Hawks after being a first-round pick by the Jazz only a couple years ago wore these on November 9th against the Pistons. The Jordan 8's provide great ankle support and aren't too heavy considering the size but what makes them worth the money is the fact they are OVO and that is rapper-singer, Drake's brand for those who do not know.

Air Jordan 4 Snakeskin

Retail $600 -StockX

Worn by Lance Stephenson (SG Los Angeles Lakers) in the win over Portland on November 14th they are a unique blend between your regular Jordan's and snakeskin. Not mentioned that Lance Stephenson has a pretty good shoe game. This shoes run a little high considering the material and how many of them there are but the Jordan 4's have consistently been a good shoe for quite sometime.

Jordan 4 Retro - Levis Black (Blank tag)

Retail $300 -StockX

Lance Stephenson (SG Los Angeles Lakers) again wore these popular Jordan's on November 4th against Toronto another pair of Air Jordan 4's typically not as popular in play considering they are a bit heavier for a basketball shoe but some believe they increase your bounce. The Levi edition is a little more stylish and great for every day wearing although it comes with a steep price honestly $300 is low for this shoe.

Under Armour Curry 5 (Veterans Day Colorway)

Retail $170 -Under Armour (limited edition)

Worn by Kent Bazemore on November 11th the Veterans Day colorway created by Under Armour was mad to be unique and to honor those who have served. The Under Armour curry 5's have a couple different colorways this one is a custom and id limited edition but the Curry 5's have a good reputation right now for being lightweight and comfortable. Ironically enough Kent Bazemore wore this style of the shoe in its debut for this colorway against the Golden State Warriors who PG Steph Curry, designer of this shoe, plays for.

Jordan Supreme Elevation 

Retail -Not Released -Nike

SG Jimmy Butler wore this limited edition shoe in one of his last games with the Timberwolves before recently being traded to the Philadelphia 76ers. The Jordan supreme Elevation is very similar to the new Air Jordan 33 which is supposed to be released early next year and is usually a big unavailing but Nike has decided to make this one more low-key and exclusive.

Kryrie 5s-  Taco PE

Retail $350 -StockX

While right now they are Exclusive and high dollar to get if you able to get a pair they release on November 16th for $130 but may see a spike in price considering the demand for them several NBA players have worn them since they were debuted by Kyrie Irving on November 1st. Kyries have been known to be comfortable and this colorway is a little different, which is a good thing if you are into shoes.

Adidas Crazy BYW x PE

Base Color Retail $300 -Stadium Goods

A custom pair of Crazy's by Adidas made for John Wall and his love for DC and Family. PG John Wall who plays for the Washington Wizards wore these on October 24th while they are a bit different they are a very unique and just a base color of this shoe will run you around $300 -$500 dollars which a is a little steep but Adidas will tell you its worth it.

Zo2.19 Custom 

pre-order retail $200-Big Baller brand

While Lonzo Balls (PG Los Angeles Lakers) first shoe has a base price of $495 this one will have a coming to earth price of $200 which is about average for a good basketball shoe nowadays. For the next part of the Big Baller Brand equation, you won't be able to purchase this colorway but the colorways that are available are made pre-order to be received in 2019. The shoes are said to be light weight and very comfortable made of only the best materials for the best basketball players this shoe and colorway were debuted on the Lakers opening night this year against Portland.

Adidas Dame 4 Customs

Base Retail $100 -StockX

Worn by Damien Lillard on November 14th these custom shoes are not anything too crazy and a regular pair you can get a retail for a great price of $100 these shoes are basically saying keep your mouth shut or deal with it. Lillard has made some controversial remarks over the last two seasons and these shoes definetly make a statement but lightweight and comfortable not a bad basketball shoe for the price.

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