The Best Kind Of Mom
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The Best Kind Of Mom

What it's like when your mom is a nurse.

The Best Kind Of Mom
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My mom has been a nurse for over twenty years. She has seen, heard, and experienced more than I ever want to. With all of the chaos that goes on at work, it is inevitable that she brings some of it home with her. Growing up with a nurse as a mom has had its ups and downs but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Having a nurse for a mom has provided me with a ton of interesting stories. I have always been a bit clumsy. When I was younger, there was a period of time where injuries seemed to happen to me for no reason. When I was eight, I broke my arm while I was changing into a new dance costume. When I was ten, I broke the same arm because I tripped on my pants while I was on the stairs. Both times, my mom insisted I was fine. When your mom is a nurse, if you haven't cut an artery and your head is intact, you are fine and just need to walk it off. With everything my mom has seen at that hospital, a sore arm is nothing. Plus, I will admit that when I was younger, I could be a bit dramatic when it came to getting hurt. No one could ever tell if I was really hurt or if I was just being a wuss. It took both my grandpa and my dad to convince her to take me the the emergency room right away rather than waiting until after my spelling test.

My mom even has trouble admitting that she needs more medical attention than what she can provide herself. When I was about 15, my mom accidentally got toilet cleaner in her eye. She was in a ton of pain but refused to have it looked at. Instead, she took my sister to the mall. When my dad got home he insisted she get it looked at. I spent an hour on the phone with poison control so that her doctor had all of the information he needed to treat her.

With my mom's view on injuries, you would never guess her policies on certain toys. When I was little, I really wanted a pair of heelys. I never ended up getting them. My mom insisted I would crack my head open. She still doesn't really approve of trampolines. She has seen too many incidences at work to feel comfortable with me on those death traps. Other toys that were prohibited at my house were swimming pools and any toy that could fly. When I was little, I hated my mom's rules. Now, I'm glad I listened. I have met people who have seriously injured themselves on heelys and trampolines. The flying doll I wanted ended up being recalled for injuring children's eyes.

The best part about having a nurse for a mom is all of the support I have at home. I know that if I ever have a problem, my mom and her other nurse friends will gladly help me get through it. My mom's job has created a second family for my mom, dad, sister, and I.

Despite all of the chaos that has come with my mom's job, it has brought a ton of good to my family. I couldn't be prouder of her and everything that she has accomplished.

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