Peter and the Women Visit Cleveland in Episode 4 of 'The Bachelor'
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Peter and the Women Visit Cleveland in Episode 4 of 'The Bachelor'

Let's cut to the Chase, last night was awkward.

Peter and the Women Visit Cleveland in Episode 4 of 'The Bachelor'

And we're back! After last week's drama with Alayah, I knew last night's episode would be a continuation of what manifested last week. The Bachelor producers did not disappoint! Let's dive into what all went down:

Chris Harrison appears at the mansion to tell the women to pack their bags because it's time to leave the mansion and start the "journey of love." All the women are excited up until Chris announces their first stop in Cleveland, Ohio. Not going to lie, I was cracking up watching them stare at Chris silently. Usually, the women fake excitement when they find out where they're going in the US, but these girls were not about it. Can't say I blame them!

The one-on-one date goes to Victoria F. Just a little side note: I HATE spoilers, and I avoid Reality Steve's stuff at all costs until after the finale. The only spoiler I saw for Peter's season has to do with his date with Victoria F. I have been waiting for months to watch this date go down. Peter takes her flying on a private plane, and they get a good look at Cleveland from the sky, and it's obvious Victoria has a massive fear of heights because she's basically freaking out the whole time. They fly over Cedar Point, and Peter reveals that they have Cedar Point all to themselves. What. A. Dream.

They ride roller coasters the whole day, and I'm sitting in my dorm room watching in envy as they have the time of their lives. Peter keeps gushing about how this is his dream date, and how he can't wait to see Victoria's face when she sees what other surprises he has in store for her.

This is where things get interesting. There's a concert with Chase Rice, a country singer, and a whole crowd of fans waiting for them. Peter is so thrilled because he knows that Victoria likes country music, but what he doesn't know is Victoria used to date Chase Rice. I've known about this for months, but actually watching it unfold made me feel bad for everyone involved. It was highly entertaining, yes, but also so cruel of the Bachelor producers. Victoria's face drops as she and Peter make their way through the crowd, and Chase looks just as surprised himself. There's no way he knew it was going to be his ex-girlfriend on the date. Chase performs his hit song "Lonely if you are" which has surprising song lyrics:

If it's Monday and it's over
You know the show your girls all come over for
And the red wine's getting lower
And your last friend's out the door
When there's no more roses to go around
Hit me up girl, you know I'm down

Oh, the irony. The Bachelor producers really do work harder than the devil. Chase and Victoria did follow each other on Instagram, so it was probably easy to figure out they had a history together and plan this date on purpose to start a bunch of drama. Victoria and Peter dance as Chase sings, and afterward, Victoria pulls a producer aside to explain why she's so upset. Peter meets Chase, and they talk for a bit, but Chase never mentions he dated Victoria. After that, Victoria and Chase speak, and he tells her that she should tell Peter the truth.

Peter even tells the camera maybe Chase will be performing at their wedding. Yikes. Someone, please tell Peter what is going on. Poor guy.

That night at dinner, Victoria tells Peter the truth about the Chase situation. Peter's response is, "Wait, the singer Chase?" He is stunned, totally confused, and I feel for him. Victoria is emotional, and she walks off to cry in a corner. Peter finds her, and being the kind guy he is, comforts her. Victoria is so sure he wants to send her home, and he tells her the only thing he wants in this process is honesty, and he gives her a rose. I admire Peter because afterward, he wants to just laugh about what happened, what a stand-up guy.

There are 13 women on the group date: Kelly, Deandra, Madison, Victoria P., Kiarra, Shiann, Lexi, Natasha, Sydney, Tammy, Savannah, Hannah Ann, and Mykenna. They meet at a football stadium and learn all the rules of football. I already knew they were getting forced into competing against one another, and I felt terrible for every girl that wasn't athletic. I was annoyed when Victoria P. decided to sit out due to back pain. I get it, you're worried about injuring yourself, but it just seemed fishy to me. It seemed like she didn't want to play the game, and it was the easy way out.

Whichever team wins, get to go to the cocktail party with Peter and get extra time with him. And as you all know, time is super valuable, so winning is crucial. It was super annoying watching their women work their tail off as Victoria sat on the sidelines flirting with Peter.

The game ends in a tie between both teams, meaning everyone gets to go to the cocktail party, and the women are frustrated. To make it worse, Victoria P. is the first to pull Peter aside at the cocktail party. Honey, you had plenty of time with Peter today on the sidelines.

Suddenly, you hear these LOUD footsteps as Alayah walks in, causing all the women to freak out. Alayah was sent home last week, why is she now in Ohio?

Alayah finds Peter, who looks absolutely shocked to see her, and tells him she wants to set the record straight and clear her name. She tells Peter that he let himself be "manipulated" by the other women, AKA Victoria P. She talks about their friendship and how they've even gone to Vegas together. Either Alayah is genuinely lying, or Victoria has been lying as well. Peter's frustration continues when Victoria admits that they did go to Vegas together, but everything she's been saying has been "truth." I don't know if I'm buying it. At this point, I'm all for Alayah leaving and Victoria going with her.

Peter comes to the conclusion that Victoria's not exactly who he thinks she is and believes he made a mistake sending Alayah home. Peter asks her to come back, and she agrees, saying she wants to move past the drama. He even gives her the group date rose. Like the other women, I was furious about this. She was already sent home, and now she's just allowed to come back? She gets the group date rose when she didn't even participate in the group date. Also, the women were already worried about not getting a ton of time anyway, and the Alayah/Victoria drama took away any chance they had to talk to Peter.

Alayah pulls Mykenna aside and asks her to fill her in on what's happened because all she knows is what the Internet is saying. And it's Alayah who breaks the news about Chase Rice and Victoria F to the women. "Oh, y'all didn't know that?" she asks. "The internet knows everything. I will tell you all." I see right through you, Alayah. You are so full of drama, and I'm ready for you to leave.

The next one-on-one is with Kelsey, AKA champagne girl. I'm not going to lie; I tuned out this date entirely because I don't particularly enjoy Kelsey. She did get a rose on the date, though, and that's about all I can remember if I'm honest.

Back at the hotel, Victoria F. has learned that Alayah told everyone about what happened with Chase. Victoria F. confronts Alayah and demands an explanation, and Alayah tells her she had no idea that no one knew about it.

"Guess what?" Victoria says. "No one has their phone here, so how would you expect them to know that?"

I've never seen Victoria be so fired up about something before. Can't say I blame her. She totally threatened to expose Alayah for who she truly is, and I applauded her.

Later, at the rose ceremony, Peter wants to pull aside Victoria P. to talk more about the Alayah situation. Still, Natasha interrupts him, ready to call him out on the way he's handled the situation:

"Can I say something really quick? I'm sorry Peter, but I've never felt so under-recognized by somebody. And for us, who busted our a** out there on the football field and literally have the physical bruises to show, and then for you to come to the cocktail party and ignore us, half of us, who didn't get time, and then walk in hand-in-hand with Alayah, it was like the biggest slap in the face. Like, I couldn't even look at you."

Ouch. I actually agree with Natasha and all the other women who are frustrated with Peter right now. Peter apologizes, claiming not to be perfect. As he tries to get Victoria P. to go with him, she snaps at him, saying she doesn't want to talk to him because she's frustrated. I don't ever recall so many contestants being angry with their Bachelor like this.

Victoria P. does go off to talk to Peter, and she won't stop talking about how done she is with Alayah, and she tells Peter to talk to Victoria F. about what Alayah did to her. Alayah has already dug her grave at this point, and it doesn't look good for her.

The rest of the women have focused their anger towards Alayah, and question why she would be telling everyone about Victoria F. and Chase's history. They tell her she isn't there to clear her name; she's there to get back on the show.

"I'm worried that all these girls are just going to walk out. I feel like they're so very disappointed in me, and I get it. I don't blame them," Peter says.

The episode ends on this cliffhanger, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this craziness. I've heard rumors that we're getting two episodes next week, which means double the drama! I wonder how Peter is going to handle this entire situation now that a majority of the women are frustrated with the drama and his decisions. Brb, counting down the days to get all the answers I need.

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