If you're a fan of "The Bachelor," you've probably received some comments in the past regarding how 'dumb' the show is, how 'ridiculous' it is, or just other responses about how it's stupid for you to get emotionally invested in the show. I used to be one of those people — that is until I actually started watching the show.

I am now a "Bachelor" supporter/defender, and if you are at the receiving end of some of these comments, here are some responses to give to your haters who comment negatively about the show to you.

1. Have you even watched the show?

Many of the naysayers haven't given the show a proper chance, so if you're receiving this comment, try to get the person to actually watch and see if it changes their mind.

2. How is it different from loving a show with fictional characters?

Someone may be a die-hard fan of any fictional show without a problem, but when it's a popular reality show, it's different? Ask why they have a problem with this show particularly.

3. Why should I hate something so entertaining?

We all get enjoyment out of different things, and if my thing happens to be a twisting and turning reality dating show, why is that a problem?

4. Even if they're there just to get famous, why can't I still enjoy their storylines?

Sure, at this point there probably are many individuals who participate with hopes of fame after, but why should that stop me from loving what they get into on the show?

5. If they're actually there for love, why can't we support them?

Many people actually are looking for love on the show, so why should we discredit them for using a more non-traditional approach in their quest for happiness?

6. If you had the chance, you wouldn't want to participate to go on exciting trips and dates?

Even if you're happily in love, wouldn't it be cool for the chance to travel and meet new people and participate in lots of fun activities? "The Bachelor" dates are much more than a dinner for two, after all.

7. Why I can't I root for my favorites?

The show produces some interesting people, so why shouldn't I root for their success and get a kick out of their antics to watch them longer?

8. Isn't it cool that every season we get a chance to meet hilarious new people?

While getting deeper into shows with repeating characters is still great, isn't it fun that every season we get a whole new group of men or women to enjoy?

9. You might think it's dumb, but I think it's great

Plain and simple, if you like something, why should you care that others don't share your feelings? Just settle in and enjoy such an addictive show.

I hope you're all enjoying this season of "The Bachelor," and keep the haters away!