ABC's reality TV show "The Bachelor" is a favorite among women, and a pastime for many viewers is to gather some friends, some popcorn and some wine to watch the show on Monday nights. However, people are already starting to worry about their "beach bods." Well, I have come up with a solution!

Below you will find a list of 20 different things to do throughout the show, that will also help get you in shape!

1. When a rose is mentioned: do 10 jumping jacks.

2. When the date card arrives: plank until the girls stop obsessing over who gets to go (or 30 seconds).

3. When a girl cries: do 10 sit-ups.

4. When the bachelor cries: do 30 sit-ups.

5. When one of the girls says she’s “falling for him”: do 10 burpees.

6. When one of the girls says she is “in love with him”: do 20 squats.

7. When the Bachelor says that he “has a great connection” with one of the girls: do 10 tricep dips (use the couch or coffee table for this).

8. When someone says the word “relationship”: do 15 v-ups.

9. When one of the girls says the phrase “I could really see myself marrying him”: do 20 bicycle kicks.

10. When one of the girls says that she’s “there for the right reasons” or is “ready to be married”: do 15 jumping jacks.

11. When there is a one-on-one date: plank for 30 seconds.

12. When the girl gets the rose on the one-on-one: do 20 squats.

13. When one of the girls complains about being on a group date: 20 sit-ups.

14. When the Bachelor kisses someone: 10 burpees.

15. When one of the girls interrupts the Bachelor talking to another girl: 15 v-ups.

16. When one of the girls mentions another girl when talking to the Bachelor: 30 jumping jacks.

17. When Chris Harrison says something: 30 bicycle kicks.

18. When someone wears a swimsuit: 20 sit-ups.

19. When the Bachelor is shirtless: Plank for 1 minute.

20. When the Bachelor says he loves one of the girls: do 10 jumping jacks, 5 burpees, 10 sit-ups and plank for 30 seconds.

I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be skipping the gym this Monday and will be doing this workout instead!