The Bachelor is my favorite show. The whole franchise is something I watch religiously, keeping up with contestants on Instagram for years and years. Every Monday night, I cuddle up with a pint of ice cream or some cookie dough and get my Bachelor on. So, why do I get embarrassed when someone asks me about my favorite show?

Because I know that it is the dumbest show ever.

The contestants are possibly the worst breed of human to exist. To "find love," you have to have absolutely no job, a dangerous vocal fry, and crazy looks (real or fake). Every sob story is commercialized, even when the contestant says things like: "I've never told anyone this" or "This is really hard to tell you." Meanwhile, it is being broadcasted to televisions across America.

Yet, in the Bachelor world, these people are miracle workers. You rescue dogs? Hero. You work with kids? Saint. You take a girl on a date that was planned and paid for by someone else? You're so sweet!!!

So, why do we watch it? Well, for me, I watch it because it is literally a fantasy land that I will never experience. It's fine - I'm not mad about it - but I can't help but swoon when I watch two hot people go on a date in Singapore. Seriously, we all love watching hot people on TV; think about all the movies you've watched just because Noah Centineo or Zac Efron is in them. Don't get me wrong: there a lot of hot people on the show who are absolute assholes, but that just adds to the fun! There's always a villain because everyone loves the bad guy.

Don't even get me started on Bachelor in Paradise. The concept of that show is actually just insane. A few new people come in every week and if you are not a part of a couple by the end of the week, you are sent home. And there's always those couples that have been together the whole time, on track for engagement, and then someone hotter comes in and they drop everything for them. WHAT.

It actually makes no sense and to my understanding, IT IS NOT SCRIPTED. Of course, they edit clips to make it into whatever they want, but these shenanigans are actually happening.

This season has been pretty eventful so far. There are two frenemies who were roommates at the Miss America pageant. Colton sent a girl home after she admitted that she had no sob story. The season villain is Demi, a 23-year old interior designer who has already had 2 episodes following her feuds with other contestants. Oh, and there's probably only been 6 minutes of footage where they don't mention Colton's virginity.

I am so excited to see how this season turns out, but more importantly, who will be the next Bachelorette. This round of women is absolutely crazy, so the next few seasons should be amazing.