The At-Bat Called 'Life'

The At-Bat Called 'Life'

"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."

Willis Glassgow

It's weird... It's like you step in the box and you just KNOW you're going to succeed. No one can tell you different and no one can stop you. You're feeling good, so you take the first pitch and it's a ball. Great, hitters count. You know you're getting a good pitch next because the pitcher is already behind so, you take a hack and.... You miss. Now you get in protective mode. Next pitch, is a chase pitch but you lay off. Two balls, one strike for you. You're in a good spot. Next one you swing but you ground out. All that work and stress for a ground out...seems pretty s**tty if you ask me.

I think most people tend to live life like an at-bat.

1. Taking the first pitch.

So many people are scared to take chances and live life to the fullest. Scared to ask that girl out, tell someone you love them, or even take that job offer that's half way across the country. For you who aren't familiar with baseball/softball, the first pitch is USUALLY the best one. So GO FOR IT. Yeah, there's times where it won't work out, you'll swing at the first pitch and it's a ball or you pop it up but THAT'S LIFE. You get another at bat and that's the best part about this crazy thing we call life.

2. Letting the umpire take it out of your hands.

For anyone who has played any sport or is a sports fan knows that umpires and refs can lose a game for you. Some days it feels like making bad calls and ruining your game is their sole purpose. In an at bat you have to go up there with a mindset that you will not let the umpire take you out of your at bat. In life, people let others get in their way whether it be significant others, bosses, our parents. NEWS FLASH stop living for others and live for YOU. You were put on this earth to do big things if that's what you want to do. If the "umpire" is controlling your at bat, take the time to figure out what you really want and go for it. If they really care and want you to succeed they will support you and have your back. It might just take awhile.

3. Fear of striking out.

Everyone has heard the saying," don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game." As cliché as it sounds it's so true and it's something I personally try to live by. Taking chances is something that is scary and unknown but can be so rewarding. Whenever you're scared to try something because you MIGHT fail, take the risk. You might fall on your face, but who cares? You learn from your mistakes right? Be that person that is able to say, "I DID this" instead of "I wish I would've done that." I think at some time in your life you get to a point where you get these urges of fearlessness and a feeling that you're unstoppable. With that mentality, even if you fail at something, you'll never "strike out". You'll just keep hitting foul balls and continue to fight through an at bat called life.

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