What ever happened to playing with dolls and action figures? What ever happened to adventuring or playing outside? Every time I see my little cousins, they have some sort of electronic device in their hands. It makes me think back to when I was their age and how I used to amuse myself.

I would always have a drawing book with me. I loved to draw and color. My brother would usually have a ball with him that he would literally throw at the wall. I would play with my baby dolls and pretend to be a chef, doctor, teacher, etc.

We never had iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, or anything like that. Now, kids, have their eyes glued to these devices and never look up from them. They can't even utter a sentence. The worst part is that kids are not the only ones to fall subject to their phones.

I see adults on dates who never even have conversations with their dates anymore. Even worse is that their relationship probably started on some sort of dating app. In my opinion, it is a shame that we are not capable of practicing simple social skills anymore. This world has created an environment that is taken over by electronic devices. My hope is that one day my children and then their children will regain those skills.