The ABCs Of Stony Brook University

Being a student at Stony Brook University provided many benefits and rewards. There were lessons that were learned that helped me to improve academically, professionally, and personally. The majority of the classes I took were fun and the clubs were awesome. However, one of the most interesting parts was learning about the different places, events, and terms on campus. If you are unfamiliar, here they are in alphabetical order to prepare students for another semester at Stony Brook University.

A - Advising

Whether you like it or not at some point every student needs to seek help from a faculty member. This could be at the administration building, office hours or the library.

B - Bursar

This office sends you tuition bills per semester. They answer questions about charges like meal plans, insurance, and housing. To ensure that students graduate on time, it is important they make sure everything is submitted by the deadline.

C - Campus Lifetime

To take away the stress of classes, it is recommended that students join a club or different organizations based on their interests. Organizations meet during campus lifetime when no classes are scheduled. This is every Wednesday between 12 and 2 pm. Clubs are a great way to make friends, develop leadership skills, and give back to the campus community.

D - Diversity

The organizations and events on campus provide opportunities and inclusion for students of all nationalities, gender, major, and background. Nobody will feel left out. There are even programs dedicated to the NAACP and the LGBTQIA.

E - Enrollment

During each semester all the students attending Stony Brook University have to enroll for their classes by a deadline. The add/drop period is important because if that date passes, you will be stuck in the class and have to complete it or receive a 'W' on your record for withdrawing. Students need to meet with their advisor to determine which classes they need to take.

F - Football

Stony Brook displays school spirit and takes pride as often as possible, especially when it comes to sports. When students have time, they will usually stop by the stadium to cheer on the athletes during football games. With music, along with other sports to watch and even join if you have the skills and determination, there's so much to enjoy at this university.

G - Gym

This is where students go to exercise their body for over an hour after they did the same with their minds during regular classes. The only difference is the activities here are more fun. From yoga, meditation, aerobics, weight training, and Zumba there are many awesome classes to take at the gym on campus. Have a great time and do not forget to stretch.

H - Harriman Hall

This is the building where students majoring in business take classes and hang out. There is also a workshop to complete projects, offices, and rooms for clubs to meet during the week.

I - Involvement Fair

When you want to find a club to join, head over to the involvement fair. Here you will find a variety of organizations for both academic and leisure. If you are interested in becoming part of a fraternity or sorority, they are present at the fair as well.

J - Job & Internship Fair

This is another fair on campus dedicated towards helping students connect with employers from big companies to find a job or internship that corresponds with their major. Be sure to print out enough copies of your resume. After you leave send a thank you message back to the companies you spoke with at the fair.

K - Kelly Quad

This is a quad with six buildings in the style of a suite. It's the the Undergraduate College for Human Development. Out of all the buildings, five of them have double bedrooms. It is located near the LIRR train station, academic mall, and the West Side Dining Hall.

L - Library

The Frank Melville Jr. Library has thousands of books, articles, magazines, and journals. Any student looking for a quiet place to study or needs to research information for homework or presentation can stop by here. Be sure to arrive early to get a computer or a place to sit in the reading room. The library also has rooms to reserve for group meetings.

M - Math Placement Exam

This assessment decides the right math course that students should enroll in. Depending on how you score on the exam, students will be placed (if they do not have any transfer credits) into a math class of the appropriate level. Taking a math class if you are not majoring in the subject is part of the requirements to graduate.

N - Nursing Program

Stony Brook University has a degree program for students that want to major in nursing or take other classes in the medical field. The hospital located on the West Side campus is where medical students do their clinical rotations.

O - Occupational Therapy Program

This program is part of the School of Health Technology and Management. It is a 3 year degree program. Students learn about developing collaborative projects and community events through research, planning, creative thinking, and leadership skills. They usually assist children, the elderly or the developmental disabilities institute.

P - Psychology Department

The buildings where psychology majors take their classes are connected together. Sometimes it can be difficult finding building A and B. The one that is A will be located towards the Academic Mall and Student Activity Center. The Krasner Psychological Center is found here. Clubs might use the upstairs rooms for meetings.

Q - Quads

These make up the six Undergraduate Colleges on campus. When the weather is nice out, you will find students playing Frisbee or football, eating, and talking outside. Each quad is made for the various departments. Tabler has art and humanities, Roosevelt has global studies, Kelly is for human development, Mendelsohn is for technology, H-Quad is for leadership, and Roth is for science.

R - Roth Pond

This location is a usually quiet spot on campus. Aside from the geese that fly and roam the area that will get defensive if disturbed, Roth Pond is a nice place to sit down, talk, and have lunch. However, during Roth Regatta the place gets loud and packed as students race their boats made from cardboard, paint, and duct tape across the lake.

S - Staller Center For the Arts

Here is the place where students can enjoy theatrical and orchestral performances. They also feature movies inside and outside the building. When the weather is warm, students like hanging out by the steps where they socialize, play sports, and even study. Any student majoring in the fine arts, including painting, ceramics or sculpture will take their classes at this awesome building.

T - Tuition

One of the things that students hate the most besides homework, midterms, and finals week is tuition. The charges for things like technology, recreation, and transportation can be overwhelming at times, but the overall college experience makes up for it. If you can overlook the costs, you will enjoy SBU even more.

U - Undergraduate Programs

Students who are freshman through senior year at Stony Brook University are considering undergraduates. There are many fun and educational programs available for them until they graduate. After that students have a choice if they want to pursue a degree in one of the graduate programs.

V - Veterans Affairs Office

For students that have served in the military, this office provides them and their families support and benefits. This includes educational opportunities and scholarships.

W - Wolfie

Wolfie is the funny and energetic mascot of Stony Brook University. Students usually see him walking around campus, marching in the Stony Brook Band, attending events, and cheering on the football team. Occasionally, he will stop and wave to students, take a picture, and give a high-five. No matter what day you are having, Wolfie will be around to make you smile and laugh.

X - X-Win32

This is a software that students can use to display remote graphic Unix and Linux apps on Windows computers. It is a unique tool and is available in the many SINC Sites on campus.

Y - Youth Camps

Stony Brook University has summer youth camps for elementary and high school students. The ID Tech Camps are used to teach students between the age of 7-17 about computer software, programming, app development, and game design.

Z - Zoom

Like other software, Zoom is used for professors to teach classes and for students to network and communicate with their classmates. It is the alternative to FaceTime after Skype became no longer relevant. Zoom recently got more popular this year due to the pandemic, which forced teachers and students to depend on the software to continue the education process. Despite the many technical problems, it's still an important software that's been useful during these difficult times.

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