The 9 People You'll Run Into At A New Years Party
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The 9 People You'll Run Into At A New Years Party

Whether you like it or not.

The 9 People You'll Run Into At A New Years Party

1. The drunk crier

This extends way beyond New Year's Eve. We all love the drunk crier. Every party has one. Usually this girl is crying about a guy she will never have (probably because she spends most nights crying at parties), or crying for a reason no one can understand from her non-translatable babbling. You'll probably find her venting all her problems to her best friend, or maybe even a total stranger. Either way, you don't want to run into the drunk crier, because hours later, you'll probably end up cleaning up lots of tears and possibly vomit.

2. The person who won't shut up about their resolutions

Whether it's "new year, new me," or eating healthy and working out, or getting better grades, this person is telling everyone they meet all about how different this coming year will be, and all about the 180 they're going to do on their life. You'll probably meet this person and be three seconds into a conversation before they ask about your resolutions and tell you theirs, while you reluctantly listen and pretend to care. In reality, they'll probably party just as hard and make the same dumb decisions and get the same grades they did last semester.

3.The person with the Fitbit resolution

This one probably ate and drank significantly less at the party in attempt to get ahead at their resolution of better health and/or dieting. This person probably suffered a midlife crisis every time the plate of wings got passed around, trying to decide if technically it was the new year yet. They probably ended stuffing their face until midnight, using the "I'll start tomorrow" excuse.

4. Long-distance relationship texter

This person is probably alone in a corner somewhere, ignoring the party and texting their significant other in another state about how much they miss each other and how much they wish they could be together tonight.

5. The single best friends who kiss at midnight

Every New Year's party has the set of girlfriends who are single (yet again), and they have no one to kiss on New Year's Eve, so they just end up kissing each other and blaming it on the liquor and loneliness.

6. Fifty shades of designated drivers

Well, first off, there's the depressed DD. This DD is the one who is an avid partier and pretty much hates it to the maximum that it's their turn to drive home. You'll find this person eating limes every time someone takes a shot of tequila, drinking vicariously through them. Then, there's the forgetful DD. This DD either forgets they're the DD or just doesn't care, and ends up getting the drunkest out of all their friends. And don't forget the "I'm taking on 2016 sober" DD. This DD is getting ahead on their resolution of cutting down on their drinking and blackout nights. This DD is more than happy to be a DD, and probably too proud of their decision to stop bragging about it all night.

7. The reminiscer

You'll find this person, probably very intoxicated, raving about New Year's Eves past. "Guys, remember how awesome last year's party was?! Tyler's house totally got busted, and we all had to run from the cops before the ball even dropped!" or "Remember three years ago that party at Sally's house? Ugh, that was insane! Do you think tonight will beat it?"

8. The party person

Every New Year's Eve party has one of these. This one is the actual embodiment of 2016 itself. You'll find them running around every 10 minutes, screaming "2016!! Let's go!" or spewing some of the "new year, new me" nonsense.

9. The photographer

This is usually a girl who won't stop taking picture after picture with her girlfriends to show off her outfit and new heels, on top of the 67 selfies she already took before getting to the party.

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