To The 20-Something-Year-Olds Who Are Tired Of Being "Cute"
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To The 20-Something-Year-Olds Who Are Tired Of Being "Cute"

Puppies are cute -- we aren't

To The 20-Something-Year-Olds Who Are Tired Of Being "Cute"
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Come on now, ladies -- cute is not OK. Let’s see, here -- in Webster's dictionary cute means having a pleasing and usually youthful appearance. Yes, I know it has the word pleasing. But, in reality, pleasing isn’t too delightful. And pleasing and youthful together -- oh, no. There’s no way I’m trying to be youthful and just pleasing.

We aren't babies or animals.

I was an infant over 20 years ago and I mean, yeah, I was probably a cute baby to some, but those ages are long gone. Being called cute was for the ages of birth to about 14, and even that is pushing the word “cute.” Infants are held and fed bottles. I am over here trying to independent. There is nothing cute about trying to go to school and make a living.

With that being said -- underneath of the definition it is used in a sentence. That sentence is, “You are as cute as a kitten.” Yeah, kittens are super cute and so are puppies, rabbits, and other little fluffy animals. But do I look little and fluffy? I may be little but I’m sure not fluffy. People pet animals.

So, wow, thanks! I’m as cute as a fluffy little animal -- that was the look I was going for. #NAILEDIT

It takes time, effort and money.

Trying to look hot, grown, and attractive doesn’t come cheap to the cute crowd. Let’s think about it. What do you need to make yourself look older. If you add up all your spending on things to promote you as a college woman, you would probably be in shock.

The first, and foremost, we need make up. Yeah, you can get make up for cheap at Wal-mart and other stores. However, they don’t have the contour palettes, bronzers, or highlighters we need to make our faces look older.

We take our cute selves into Sephora for the real deal. We buy our naked palettes and matte lipstick (which we all know we would be lost without). Even though these products are a bit on the pricey side, we purchase in hopes of magically looking sexy with our smokey eye and fake lashes.

Oh -- and don’t forget about the sexy clothing and heels to make us that bit taller. You put on an outfit and someone says, “Oh, you look so cute.” You instantly have to go change because you can’t be looking just cute in your night out.

Also push-up bras. We buy lots and lots of push-up bras to not look like we have the body of a fifth grade boy.

People who question our age.

We have all have had the time where we have been in the coffee shop or the hair salon and the lady asks, ”Oh, sweetie you’re so cute. What high school do you go to?” That question burns our "cute little ears.” And we all know the things we want to say. However, you give the lady a little smile and say, “I go to college.” The lady compliments your youth and you say to her something like you get that all the time.

But in reality we say, “Lady -- college. I am an independent twenty- something year old in college.”

And the hardest part about being “too cute,” is showing your ID. No matter where you go, you know you are going to get carded. They even do a second look at your ID like it’s fake, or something. Don’t worry we will remember to bring our birth certificate next time.

Oh, we are really sorry for this weird look we give, but being cute is annoying. Uh, I'm twenty something, OK?.

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