The 13 Stages Of Becoming A Cat Person

The 13 Stages Of Becoming A Cat Person

It's inevitable.

The story of how Pumpkin (my cat) came into my life, isn't a typical one. Basically, it was a sled shopping trip gone completely rogue. I had never owned a cat, quite frankly, I was a bit scared of them, and neither had either of my roommates. I grew up with two dogs and never even DREAMED of becoming any sort of cat lady. But here I am, my fate getting the best of me. Here, I have complied a list of the stages in which one becomes a cat person, just in case it is a lifestyle that you would like to pursue.

1. You come in contact with the cat and realize that you really do like them.

2. You adopt the cat.

3. You learn how to care for the cat.

4. You begin to love the cat with all your heart and soul.

And eventually all cats everywhere.

5. Everything that the cat does is cute.

6. You realize that the love isn't necessarily reciprocated.

7. You try to do everything in your power to get that love in return.

8. You give up and just do everything with the cat, whether they like it or not.

9. You take that cat to social media.


10. Eventually, cat haters (or just people in general) begin asking you why you have a cat and you feel defensive of your lifestyle.

11. After that, you try to convert those people into become one of your "kind.

12. You begin to collect a large amount of cat paraphernalia to replace the need for more cats.

13. You adopt more cats.

It's for a good cause, right?

Or should I say....


Cover Image Credit: Hexjam

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12 Breathtaking, Must-See Exhibitions At The Atlanta Botanical Garden During Summer

From beautiful glass-blowing artworks to purely nature itself, this visit you will not regret this visit.

Recently, I went on an art field trip with my school to visit the famous Atlanta Botanical Garden. As a dedicated photographer, I brought along my camera to snap some photos of the most aesthetically breathtaking places at the garden. Not only was the Atlanta Botanical Garden a beautiful place to take pictures, but also the environment was incredibly refreshing. The fresh breeze of the wind coursing through my hair as I walked down the paths of the various trails was relaxing.

Overall, there were so many things that were absolutely beautiful. If you're interested on visiting this beautiful sanctuary, here are 12 of the most captivating things found in this magnificent garden.

1. Grass Dog

This sculpture is truly breathtaking in real life. At first, it was difficult to spot in the vast area, but once you lay eyes on this magnificent piece, it's just beautiful. I especially love how this entire sculpture was created entirely out of grass. The way the grass is formed to make it appear like the dog's hair is truly mind-blowing. People often imagine grass as short and spiky, but this dog's "fur" was smooth and almost silky.

2. Red Flower Glass-Blowing Art

This complex art was found near the gift shop. At first, it was entirely by pure coincidence I found this amazing piece of art. As soon as I laid my eyes on this, I was practically in love. The intricate folds in the pedals were mesmerizing.

3. Extravagant Glass-Blowing Art

This art almost reminds me of Christmas time. The various shades and tints of green were so unified that I almost wish I could take this home. This was one of the most interesting pieces I saw at the garden. Studying art for almost eight years, this was the most unique piece of artwork that I have ever laid my eyes upon.

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4. Water-like Chihuly

This beautiful artwork on top of the fountain truly appears as if you're in some sort of utopia world. The way the sun reflected on the glass was truly extravagant. This is one of the main exhibits at Atlanta Botanical Gardens that I would recommend visiting.

5. Honeysuckles

This may not be an exhibition, but to me, it is an exhibition. It's almost like the artwork in the garden is the painting but the trees, flowers and ponds were the true canvas to this magnificent painting. If you ever encounter one of these honey suckles, I would go up to it and smell it. It may sound weird, but the aroma was absolutely blissful.

6. Intricate Spike-Like Chihuly

This artwork is almost like a spike ball. It appears dangerous but it is almost beautiful. I was absolutely intrigued that I would have ever thought an artwork that appears to have the image of a spike ball to be so beautiful. It was an interesting combination of danger and beauty to see in person.

7. Unique Architecture

In the midst of this garden, there is a section that has an area filled with historically-inspired architecture. It was very quaint yet so peaceful and beautiful. It's also a great place to take some pictures for social media!

8. Rosy, Aromatic Flower

This beautiful flower was found in a large vast flower garden. If you are an avid fan of flowers, this exhibition would truly be heaven to you.

9. Yellow Chihuly Tower

This tall yellow Chihuly tower is intricately beautiful. The odd tangles of what appears to be wires was absolutely breathtaking. This is a beautiful place to visit, as there is also a beautiful pond right in front of this tower.

10. Lily Pads and Small Flowers

These beautiful lily pads I spotted in a pond were absolutely breathtaking. The way the sunlight reflected on the lily pads were truly beautiful and made me realize how nature is always the best art anyone can ever see in one's entire life.

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11. Small Insect

I was walking by this beautiful minuscule flower until I noticed this unique insect on it. The way nature interacts within this garden is marvelous. And to those who are terrified of insects, don't worry. I spent at least 15 minutes taking this picture, and the insect did not attack me whatsoever.

12. Woman Nature-Sculpture

This is one of the most iconic exhibitions of the garden. In fact, one could even say this is the main exhibit. Aside from this sculpture appearing to have been made entire out of nature, the pond with shiny marble-like sculptures is truly beautiful. This is an exhibit that you must see when visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Otherwise, to be honest, what's the point of going there without seeing the main exhibition?

If you are love taking pictures, nature or outdoor walks, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is definitely one place you must visit if you are visiting Atlanta this summer.

Cover Image Credit: Jasmine Hsieh

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9 Things Every Animal Deprived College Student Knows To Be True

Going away for college is hard and leaving your pets is even more difficult.

When I left or college I had to say goodbye to four cats and five dogs. It didn't take me long to realize how much I missed having my furry pets around. There is a real struggle being a college student who has pets waiting at home for them.

1. Scrolling through endless old pictures on your camera roll and tearing up.

2. Your family rubs it in your face that they are home cuddling your pet.

3. Attempting to talk to your pets over FaceTime or a phone call.

4. Bringing up your pets in any conversation possible.

5. Going to the local SPCA and talking yourself down from adopting a pet for your dorm room/apartment.

6. You're able to spot a dog on campus from miles away.

7. Worrying that your pets won't love you anymore.

8. The happiness you feel when you reunite with your pets during a school break.

9. Gaining a new appreciation for the time you have with your pets back home.

Cover Image Credit: Maddie Myers

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