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The 13 Stages Of Becoming A Cat Person

It's inevitable.

Tori Lord

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The story of how Pumpkin (my cat) came into my life, isn't a typical one. Basically, it was a sled shopping trip gone completely rogue. I had never owned a cat, quite frankly, I was a bit scared of them, and neither had either of my roommates. I grew up with two dogs and never even DREAMED of becoming any sort of cat lady. But here I am, my fate getting the best of me. Here, I have complied a list of the stages in which one becomes a cat person, just in case it is a lifestyle that you would like to pursue.

1. You come in contact with the cat and realize that you really do like them.

2. You adopt the cat.

3. You learn how to care for the cat.

4. You begin to love the cat with all your heart and soul.

And eventually all cats everywhere.

5. Everything that the cat does is cute.

6. You realize that the love isn't necessarily reciprocated.

7. You try to do everything in your power to get that love in return.

8. You give up and just do everything with the cat, whether they like it or not.

9. You take that cat to social media.


10. Eventually, cat haters (or just people in general) begin asking you why you have a cat and you feel defensive of your lifestyle.

11. After that, you try to convert those people into become one of your "kind.

12. You begin to collect a large amount of cat paraphernalia to replace the need for more cats.

13. You adopt more cats.

It's for a good cause, right?

Or should I say....


Tori Lord

I'm in a serious relationship with Jesus and my cat. I really like alpacas and I've been searching for Platform 9 3/4 since 2001.

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