11 Things All Freshman in College Should Do

11 Things All Freshman in College Should Do

College can be stressful, but follow these 11 tips to have a successful freshman year of school.

College can be stressful, from the list of readings and being away from home for the first time. Here is a list of the 11 things every college freshman should do before their first year of college to ensure that they will have the best four years of their life.

1. Make new friends

Friends in college will help you through the next four years. Get to know the people living on your floor, who you sit next to in class, and anyone else you think you would be good friends with. Most people are looking for friends too, so they will be happy you talked to them first.

2. Explore the campus

You never know what the campus has to offer unless you explore it. Does your campus have an incredible coffee shop, a movie theater, or a museum? Walk around and find out.

3. Join a club or organization (or multiple)

Most colleges have clubs and organization fairs. This is a great place to sign up for clubs that are tied to your major, or you can venture out and sign up for a club you never thought you would join.

4. Find the perfect place to study

Not everyone is able to study in loud residents halls, so explore the library, local coffee houses, a picnic table outside, and other nooks around the area to find the perfect place for you to get work done.

5. Start making good habits

It's a lot easier to start making good habits from the beginning of your college career than trying to play catch up towards the end. Go to class, turn in your assignments, get out of your dorm room, and stay healthy. Now is the time to start over and break any bad habits you may have carried over since high school. Do not let yourself fall into your old ways of skipping class and eating pizza every single night.

6. Go to on-campus events

Campuses usually bring in comedians, magicians, or fun events that are free to students. Take advantage of these opportunities and have some fun after your homework is finished.

7. Learn a new sport or hobby

College is a great time to pick up a new hobby. Join an intramural sports team, pick up a new hobby, or learn a new game. Be open to new ideas to broaden your horizons.

8. Go to sporting events

Sporting events are usually free for students, so take advantage of this perk and cheer on your team!

9. Explore the community

Take your friends and visit small, local restaurants, the farmer's market, and shops downtown. You never know what you will find when exploring local places, and they might even offer a student discount!

10. Take every opportunity

Whether it is an opportunity for a summer internship, or just an invitation to get ice cream with friends on a Tuesday night, take every chance you get to make memories.

11. Don't forget to call home

Your parents and family back home will still want to hear from you. You can tell them about all the friends you're making, the clubs you joined, and all about your new favorite restaurant in town.

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The #1 Rule To Success In College

Comparing success might be the worst thing to do in college...

The number one rule of success in college is this:

Never compare success in your major to another major's success, or you will never feel like a competent student.


Hopefully not. Because this one rule will help carry you from the first day of your freshman year to the day you walk across that stage to get your diploma, and even beyond that. This rule helped me succeed in college, and hopefully, it will help you – so allow me to elaborate.

As a senior history major, I have accomplished a lot. I mean, A LOT. For a history major, I have been quite successful, and so many of my fellow history majors have been just as successful. My major has prepared me to be a great writer, speaker, communicator and analytic researcher. All great and necessary skills for the modern day workforce. BUT, if I go to compare myself to another major, then I can be seen as a complete failure. Example:

My roommates this year have the following majors: civil engineering, computer science, and finance. All three of these majors have real-world career counterparts: engineering contractor, programmer, a financial consultant. For me, unless I want to pursue a Masters and then Ph.D. in history to become a professor the only career that directly correlates to my major is a historian.

Now, I love history, but I don't think that being a historian is the best job for me... In comparison to my roommates, I will be making the least amount of money, and I have no real-world experience in a career. So at this point, you have to think,

"So Adam, you talked about this comparison thing, but you just said you have no real world experience!"

Yes, yes I did. BUT, here's the thing, I also said earlier, that I have writing, speaking, communicating and research skills. All four of those are again, key in today's workforce and surviving in these crazy times we live in.

So, to all of those incoming freshman and graduating seniors, never compare your success to another major's success. While this tip might seem silly, just think about it, apply it to your life, and you will find success in even the littlest of things. So here's to you, and may you find success in everything you do.

Lando Calrissian Good Luck GIF

Cover Image Credit: Huffington Post

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