In the week/two weeks that midterms suck the joy and sanity out of students' lives, we come together more than ever before. Cook Library, which usually maintains a pretty calm environment, turns into an area of overly caffeinated and stressed students trying to cram for an exam or simply to just stay awake. Here's to you, Club Cook members: don't forget to go home at some point and have a real meal or, more importantly, shower.

The twice a year student:

True library rats can tell those that just show up during the most crowded times of the year. They take your lucky study spot and use the outlets to charge their phones so they can text.

The coffee addict

Someone needs to get this person a glass of water and food because at this point they have consumed enough coffee to where I swear they are sweating it out.

The one not actually studying

They take up valuable spots at tables or at computers where they spread their procrastination to innocent bystanders.

The one who practically moved into the library

They're the ones who bring all the essentials. They've got a lunch box full of snacks, multiple energy drinks, and most likely a snuggie shoved in their backpack.

The one playing their study music too loudly

If you think your music is too loud, it probably is. Don't be that guy, and turn it down.

The group studying that forgot their inside voices


The overly stressed one

There is always a small group of students who look like midterms are going to be the final tipping point before a mental breakdown. You don't want to approach them in fear of their reaction, but at the same time, you just want to pat their shoulder and tell them it's gonna be okay.

The one with a million loose papers

You are a disheveled mess and are taking up way too much table space for one person. Get it together.

The one searching desperately for an outlet

As you sit there with your laptop happily plugged into the wall you can't help but feel sympathy for the poor soul with 5% battery life and ten pages to go on their research paper.

The one eating/drinking too loudly

Hearing people chew is annoying regardless, but add that to a stress filled environment that is supposed to be quiet and you will get a few death glares from very agitated students.

The sick one that should just go home

We admire your dedication to academics but the sound of you coughing and sneezing every minute is annoying. Add in the fact that the person is neglecting to cough/sneeze into their elbow and it's definitely time for them to go.