Thanksgiving Traditions: Embracing Special Moments And Memories
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Thanksgiving Traditions: Embracing Special Moments And Memories

Each year, there are moments of family and thankfulness.

Thanksgiving Traditions: Embracing Special Moments And Memories
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It is around that time of year again—festivity, turkey and blessings. A day of appreciation and a day of thank yous. A day of togetherness surrounded by family and friends. The atmosphere is changing into a much more uplifting mood as yet another celebration is upon us. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it is time to once again open the boxes in the corner labeled TRADITIONS.

With any celebration, everyone has their own set traditions to fulfill each year.

1. A "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving"

A classic that is fun for the whole family. Nothing beats curling up on the couch, warmed by blankets and hot cocoa, watching Charlie and his group of friends. A movie meant to be watched on TV, commercials and all.

2. Preparations

What is better than learning old family recipes and helping prepare the food yourself? Watching how Grandma makes her famous pumpkin pie or Dad's truffles, just to be able to do it yourself down the road. Cooking and baking all the while perfecting the art of capturing the perfect taste.

3. Wishing On The Wishbone

Once the food is all cooked and eaten, it is time for the wishbone tradition. Otherwise known as the lucky break. It's all about who can break the wishbone and claim victory in having the longest piece.

4. Decorations

To help fulfill the festive atmosphere, decorations are a go-to. Outside or inside, they get the job done. Turkeys, pumpkins, and scarecrows placed here and there. Even if you are not big on the decorations, a few crafts can also do the trick.

4. Black Friday

Shopping is a must. Finding great deals and checking things off the list of things to get provides a giddy feeling.

5. Parades

What fun it is to be able to see and watch the parades, whether it's in person or on TV, like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The chance to watch the parade in person, sitting on the sidewalk curb bundled up from head to toe awaiting the many bands, floats, and everything in between ending with Santa Claus.

6. Football

With Thanksgiving comes football- as it is the season. Whether you decide to play yourself or fix your focus on the TV, it is a tradition that cannot be missed.

7. Countdown To Christmas

For some, this time of year also begins the countdown to Christmas. Television networks such as the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Freeform begin the celebration by airing and premiering movies that embrace the spirt of Christmas and the act of giving, airing already known beloved movies and new stories that captivate the very feelings waiting to be fallen in love with.

Perhaps out of all the traditions, being together is the icing on the cake- celebrating all the things to be thankful for. Thankful for the people surrounding around you and the love that is shared.

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