Well well well, we have come to that time of year again where people forget that it goes Halloween, THANKSGIVING and then Christmas! I am not really sure why people don't get the concept of Thanksgiving before Christmas...I mean I get it you are all excited to decorate for Christmas, but come on people wait till at least the day after Thanksgiving!

I don't see how some people can just skip over the most amazing holiday where you can just eat so much food and not even care what people are saying about you eating that much! I know I could never give up a Thanksgiving meal...I have personally tried to eat only a little bit of food, well guess what..my inner fat kid didn't allow for me to do that!

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas as well, I love the decorations and the shopping and everything that comes along with Christmas! I love seeing all ten of my nieces and nephews faces light up when they open the gifts around the tree, that is the best thing to watch I promise you that! I also really enjoy just driving around and enjoying the Christmas lights!

The real point of this entire article right now is to prove Thanksgiving comes before Christmas; I am so sick of seeing all over my newsfeed that people are basically sharing all Christmas posts...and just completely forgetting Thanksgiving! It's so sad to see that no one cares to share Thanksgiving pictures! Before I know it, everyone is going to be sharing the Elf on a Shelf ideas ... I am not excited for that! We need to come up with something fun to do leading up to Thanksgiving to get everyone hype about it!

With this all being said THANKSGIVING then Christmas! Don't get the two confused...each year they are in the same order, it doesn't change...it is always Thanksgiving first!