Thanks For Being Like A Sister To Me
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To My Roommate, Thank You For Quickly Becoming The Sister I Never Had

Time means absolutely nothing when you have a true friend by your side.

To My Roommate, Thank You For Quickly Becoming The Sister I Never Had
Ana Paula Ricalde Muench


Since there are only a few weeks left until we have to part ways, I've decided to sit down and reminisce about all the great memories we've shared together during the last couple of months. I remember the first time we ever met, and how shy you seemed to be. We got along just fine, and we bonded over how nervous we both were for our Disney College Program interviews the very next morning. When we met again, you weren't as shy as you'd previously been, and that's when we decided that our newfound bond could definitely be strengthened if we became roommates. We hadn't even been accepted yet, but we knew that this friendship was meant to last.

Not even a week after our interviews happened, we both found out that we'd been accepted, and with that, it was now official that we would both be living one of our biggest dreams together. I remember how excited we were every time we texted each other about any Disney College Program or housing updates, and how we counted down from three months down to the very last second together. I was relieved to be spending the next five months of my life with someone who was going through the same struggles as I was, and I could tell you were too.

In January, the time came for both of us to say our goodbyes to our families and our boyfriends, and it was really hard. We were two very emotional roller coasters, and so we quickly found a sister, a best friend, a shoulder to cry on, and a confidante in each other. I knew that, no matter what I went through, you would always be there to hear me out and let me vent.

By your birthday, our bond was as strong as steel, and we already had countless inside jokes and millions of stories to tell. I loved how comfortable we had both become with each other, and how many secrets we had shared. By this point, I truly felt like I had a sister in you, and I hope you know that you definitely have a sister in me. I love how we know each other well enough to be able to say or do something that we know will make us laugh and put us in a great mood, no matter what we've had to endure, or how hard the day has been.

Thank you for all the times that you've just sat there quietly next to me while I cried, for all the hugs you've given me at exactly the right times, for all the times that we've decided to just drop everything to go get some food, for all the times we've watched IllumiNations together (and cried), for all the movies we've watched, for all the laughter, the stories, the memories, and every single thing that we've been through together. I know I've only known you for seven months of my life, but I'm a true believer in the fact that time means absolutely nothing when you have a true friend by your side.

I'm excited to go back home, but just know that as long I live, a little piece of me will always be with you, no matter how far we are. Let's make these last few weeks count, and let's keep making memories that will last forever. Thank you for being an enormous part of my Disney journey, and for quickly becoming a huge (and very important) part of my life. I'm going to miss you so much, little rascal. Now, as our boss Mickey Mouse would say, see you real soon!

Love you,

Your roomie.
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