We've all seen the trend on social media of the "thank you for coming to my ted talk" memes. Well, I've compiled a few of them from my friends and fellow writers, and this is what I got:

Social media isn't real!!! 


"The amount of people that tell me I look like I'm having so much fun while studying abroad and I'm here like 'lol I'm actually drowning in assignments and my anxiety is through the roof, but thanks.'"

Moral of the story? Not everyone is as happy as they seem on social media.

Les Miserables is during the French Revolution


"My roommate, a chemical engineer mind you, is constantly trying to tell me I'm wrong when talking about literature. Now, I'm not saying a non-English major can't thoroughly enjoy literature and have knowledge of a deeper understanding, but he doesn't even like to read and he's out here telling me all about how wrong I am about my books. Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk."

Moral of this story? Stop trying to be smarter than you actually are.

Second chances aren't a bad thing


"I usually don't do things like this because I tend to keep my personal life and feelings private, but I just want to say that life is too short to hold a grudge and to be angry. Second (or third) chances aren't the worst things to happen, and contrary to popular belief, people can AND do change. Did you know that humans make mistakes? Regardless, I've spent the majority of 2018 trying to figure out what truly makes me happy and what I can do to be a better version of myself. [Insert name here] is truly someone who inspires me to better and pushes me to achieve my goals, even if I'm tired that day or I don't really feel like eating healthy or being productive... I guess the point of this is to be supportive of the people around you- it's easier that way. Everybody needs a friend. Anyways, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk."

I think she pretty much covered this one. No moral to be discussed.

Not everything is black and white


"One thing people should know is that everything, especially in politics, is not always black and white. And just because someone has different views from you doesn't mean you should stereotype them or assume things about them that you're not sure of."

Something we all need to remember - not everyone is the same and not everything is so clear. There is a huge amount of gray.

Well, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Hope you enjoyed it.