Growing up with an older sister is such a blessing. Don't get me wrong, having an older brother is fun and games, but it's typically just fun and games. Having an older sister, you get the friendly, caring and loving side too. Be thankful you have an older sister, because she's thankful she has a younger sister.

1. She's practically your second mom.

Whether that's because she's always telling you what to do and bossing you around, or it's because she's making sure you're not getting into trouble and keeping you on track.

2. She's an extra set of ears to listen to your problems.

You can never have enough people listen to you, but the moment you tell your sister your problems, they all just seem to go away.

3. She's your cuddle buddy on Christmas day.

Every single Christmas morning, children would run down the stairs with joy in their eyes, fuzzy socks on their feet, and their loving siblings stepping on their heels.

Somehow, every single Christmas, you always ended up next to your sister on the couch, under a large cozy blanket, sipping hot cocoa, and laughing at your siblings when they did something silly.

4. She's the person you go to for advice on boys.

Let's be honest, she gives the BEST advice when it comes to boys. She's been in a similar situation you're in at the time so she already knows the outcome. It also makes it better and easier to listen to her advice because she was in that situation maybe a few years ago, so time hasn't changed much.

5. She's the only family member you trust with secrets.

You know everything about each other, but no one else in your family knows anything about either of you. These secrets are typically about boys or stupid things you've done that will be held over your head for the rest of your life.

But the best thing about some of these secrets, you created them together.

6. She taught you how to dress in a fashionable manner.

Half of the clothes in your closet are probably her hammy-downs. So she didn't only teach you what was stylish, you literally got your style from her.

7. She's your best friend.

Doesn't matter the age difference, she's still your forever best friend, and it's funny because she has no other choice.