I'm So Thankful For You, Donald Trump
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I'm So Thankful For You, Donald Trump

For single-handedly exposing so many problematic behaviors that too often go unnoticed in this country.

I'm So Thankful For You, Donald Trump
Red State

I am so happy that Donald Trump is running for President of this great country. He's so disgusting, such a bigot, and such an idiot that his successful campaign has taught me a lot about the problems in the United States. There is absolutely no excuse for someone like him to be so close to having a real chance at being the President of the United States.

He is the epitome of a privileged white man. He's never had to work hard for anything a day in his life (dude doesn't even pay taxes, for God's sake), which is why he lacks basic human decency and respect.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141355955791124-588918105_2.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=962&h=a36fe70dff3d197bd99ed6719f501ec1b804868f216f0cc5cafa8343c3465566&size=980x&c=178495491 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141355955791124-588918105_2.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D962%26h%3Da36fe70dff3d197bd99ed6719f501ec1b804868f216f0cc5cafa8343c3465566%26size%3D980x%26c%3D178495491%22%7D" expand=1]

Because of his privilege, he has no respect for anyone. Women, minorities, the President, his opponent, or his wife. He's also wildly uneducated, immature, delusional, and a liar.

His own words speak for themselves:

1. “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F6361413566170387181522438309_3.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=626&h=2113d490de933ef1d01d1e0493e01b7d1269724682cfae8e8c063b05f12cf939&size=980x&c=1964109466 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F6361413566170387181522438309_3.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D626%26h%3D2113d490de933ef1d01d1e0493e01b7d1269724682cfae8e8c063b05f12cf939%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1964109466%22%7D" expand=1]

He is a person who doesn't respect women - and he is a candidate who doesn't respect women, leading to his problematic views on reproductive rights.

Clinton will defend Planned Parenthood and women's reproductive rights from Trump's bigot agenda - our reproductive rights should never be jeopardized by a man who sexualizes any and every woman (including his own daughter). Women are on earth for no greater reason than being aesthetically pleasing, according to Trump, so who is he to attempt to limit abortion rights to three specific instances?

2. “Our great African-American President hasn’t exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F6361413573176884291772141940_4.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=374&h=3199e5d7d2da8dbe832ab77c82a04d6f53607f690df44138a1ff4ab2307d6280&size=980x&c=1920690544 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F6361413573176884291772141940_4.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D374%26h%3D3199e5d7d2da8dbe832ab77c82a04d6f53607f690df44138a1ff4ab2307d6280%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1920690544%22%7D" expand=1]

He is also a person who doesn't respect the current President of the United States. He accused Obama of founding ISIS and called Hillary Clinton the co-founder - which is just ridiculously stupid and immature. Hillary Clinton is being endorsed by both the President and the First Lady while many famous Republican's (including prior Republican Presidents) have refused to openly support or campaign for Donald Trump. Clinton's views on the Black Lives Matter movement have also progressed in a positive direction - while Trump thinks we're all thugs and has no intention of understanding or validating the anger people feel in this country about black lives and police brutality.

3. “My Twitter has become so powerful that I can actually make my enemies tell the truth.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141359859481366-58162490_5.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=527&h=2d0ef80fb48d70e7382b8fe554a5c2ac2e98b3ea735c2b4d0015def8f1400c88&size=980x&c=370781457 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141359859481366-58162490_5.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D527%26h%3D2d0ef80fb48d70e7382b8fe554a5c2ac2e98b3ea735c2b4d0015def8f1400c88%26size%3D980x%26c%3D370781457%22%7D" expand=1]

I used to get into so many Twitter fights when I was 15. 15. Not 70. Not a presidential candidate. Donald Trump is a loose canon and doesn't even have enough self control to run his own Twitter account maturely. His staff had to ban him from tweeting this last day before the election - because God forbid he say anything worse than he already has.

While Trump is firing off like an adolescent with a bad temper - Clinton claps back with grace. Why would anyone want the Commander in Chief of their country being someone like Donald Trump? IF we were to excuse the disgusting remarks he makes on live TV and give him the benefit of the doubt for not having enough time to formulate his thoughts appropriately... his social media account still speaks volumes. He's a 70 year old child.

4. “It’s freezing and snowing in New York – we need global warming!”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141367798456394105304915_6.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=579&h=e089409a98493071913cf4f7567f4eb54b8b17f2ce0d8bb2e830cad6d9e8f06c&size=980x&c=870054642 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141367798456394105304915_6.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D579%26h%3De089409a98493071913cf4f7567f4eb54b8b17f2ce0d8bb2e830cad6d9e8f06c%26size%3D980x%26c%3D870054642%22%7D" expand=1]

While Trump is an advocate for global warming... Clinton is aware of the problematic realities of climate change and is ready to take action to help protect the future of the planet.

5. “I was down there, and I watched our police and our firemen, down on 7-Eleven, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F6361413691124087372028634275_7.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=248&h=17fd4e3560ab2e94ed31dcc50c6151466d106a309b8648fa4fb0a073a9e4a350&size=980x&c=3432608602 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F6361413691124087372028634275_7.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D248%26h%3D17fd4e3560ab2e94ed31dcc50c6151466d106a309b8648fa4fb0a073a9e4a350%26size%3D980x%26c%3D3432608602%22%7D" expand=1]

While Trump was confusing the most devastating terrorist attack on American soil with your local convenience store, Hillary was fighting to get health care for 9/11 first respondents and remains an advocate for permanent renewal of the Zadroga Act (which would indefinitely provide health care coverage for those suffering from long term health deficits because of their bravery on that day).

6. “Number one, I have great respect for women. I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women, more than anybody in the construction industry.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F6361414687590693841640212360_13.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=316&h=b38361a684771d6095e31d5275dc5996b7751a48a082da85f015c488b1cae9dc&size=980x&c=1517210191 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F6361414687590693841640212360_13.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D316%26h%3Db38361a684771d6095e31d5275dc5996b7751a48a082da85f015c488b1cae9dc%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1517210191%22%7D" expand=1]

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141483458725598108070293_8.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=925&h=404ad0177303dcb5a337325bc6d3d65e2957ac8730bb475297002bbf8a04aedb&size=980x&c=141661372 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141483458725598108070293_8.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D925%26h%3D404ad0177303dcb5a337325bc6d3d65e2957ac8730bb475297002bbf8a04aedb%26size%3D980x%26c%3D141661372%22%7D" expand=1]

Trump has no respect for women. None. The only ceiling he broke on behalf of women was the ceiling exposing sexism and devalued assault accusations and how many American's are willing to turn a blind eye to it. Trump is constantly pulling the "woman card" on behalf of Hillary Clinton, insisting that the only reason her campaign has gotten this far is because she is a woman. God forbid it be due to the fact that she's educated both in life and in politics. His consistent belittling of women pushed Michelle Obama to make a powerful speech against him (and as outspoken as this man is, the FLOTUS had him in hush mode). Trump is constantly demeaning women, but worry not, he just dismissed his disgusting remarks as "locker room talk". He's also bragged about sexually assaulting women... so I'm still waiting to see this "great respect" he has for us.

7. “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bring crime. They’re rapists… And some, I assume, are good people.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141375392703990446293858_9.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=571&h=8ea97abbf8b5001e0e0c691fc4a4196558fbbde598dc9753725f3ee4c95cf096&size=980x&c=1832326512 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141375392703990446293858_9.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D571%26h%3D8ea97abbf8b5001e0e0c691fc4a4196558fbbde598dc9753725f3ee4c95cf096%26size%3D980x%26c%3D1832326512%22%7D" expand=1]

While Trump is offending all of the immigrants in our country, going on and on about his beloved wall - Hillary is working on comprehensive immigration and keeping families together.

8. “There can be no discrimination against gays. I’m against gay marriage.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141462510783510-1086811339_12.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=411&h=d2d6120e345c4251b6b3ecb41068c9e0269cdca15bac9edcbb363194a0f6d1f5&size=980x&c=637025077 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141462510783510-1086811339_12.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D411%26h%3Dd2d6120e345c4251b6b3ecb41068c9e0269cdca15bac9edcbb363194a0f6d1f5%26size%3D980x%26c%3D637025077%22%7D" expand=1]

Here's Trump, making no sense again. This is a quote from him from 2011 but not surprisingly his views on gay marriage have not changed. He's completely unhappy with marriage equality and not afraid to speak out about that, while Hillary is more focused on continuing to move forward for equal rights across the board in the LGBTQ community.

9. “One of they key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

[rebelmouse-proxy-image https://media.rbl.ms/image?u=%2Ffiles%2F2016%2F11%2F07%2F636141376263678820-2044867911_10.gif&ho=https%3A%2F%2Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net&s=586&h=a37eba78e1da7fa2f27a08c9723e979a20f1c3fdf29a4ca9018686bea6362fe3&size=980x&c=2397979296 crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//media.rbl.ms/image%3Fu%3D%252Ffiles%252F2016%252F11%252F07%252F636141376263678820-2044867911_10.gif%26ho%3Dhttps%253A%252F%252Faz616578.vo.msecnd.net%26s%3D586%26h%3Da37eba78e1da7fa2f27a08c9723e979a20f1c3fdf29a4ca9018686bea6362fe3%26size%3D980x%26c%3D2397979296%22%7D" expand=1]

At least you know, Don, at least you know.

While Hillary Clinton isn't everybody's favorite candidate - I strongly believe she is the right one. A lot of people make progress towards being a great leader once they are elected, and I can already see Hillary is on that path. Trump is a glorified sociopath, he's a happy racist, a proud sexist, and has the maturity of a 4th grade boy who is trying to win a video game. He shows no signs of trying to change his problematic, worrisome ways - at least Hillary gives me hope. You may not like her - but she's not campaigning to be your friend.

But I have to send a big thank you to Donald Trump, and all of his supporters. The fact the someone who isn't even a decent human being has the possibility of being our next president is very telling. It's revealing of the systematic racism, sexism, and bigotry that we allow as a country. Someone who has poked fun at every minority and mocked the disabled is not a leader. Someone's whose policies feel like backward peddling rather than forward marching is not a leader. Someone fueled by anger and hatred is no one deserving of the title and responsibility of Commander in Chief.

The people who have looked me in my eyes and have genuinely been unable to understand why me - a black woman - refuses to support someone like Donald Trump have taught me valuable lessons about privilege and ignorance. Don't look at me and tell me not to vote for Trump "just because he says stupid things" as if the things he says and does don't speak too much bigger problems he has as a person. I'm genuinely, truly, from the bottom of my heart afraid of what the future of this country looks like if I wake up Wednesday and Donald Trump is the next president. I respect everyone's right to their own opinion, I respect everyone's ballot - but I do not respect Donald Trump. Point, blank, and the period.

Regardless of where you stand, though, please get out and exercise your right to vote!

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