A Million And One Thank-Yous The World's Best Sisters Have Earned A Million Times Over
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A Million And One Thank-Yous The World's Best Sisters Have Earned A Million Times Over

What better way to say thank you?

A Million And One Thank-Yous The World's Best Sisters Have Earned A Million Times Over
Dana Joy Seigelstein

Being away from home can be weird, I have been in Europe for four months now and am staying for two more. I miss my family a lot — it helped because I saw my dad once, my mom quite recently but I haven't seen my sister. She's been home sick for a while, and we talk every day.

I tell her how much I love her all the time, how much I care about her, but what better way to say thank you than an Odyssey article — BEATS ME!

A lot of people don't know this but I couldn't hear when I was little. Kayla was the only one who could understand what I was saying- it's like when your friend is drunk, slurring words yet you love them SO much that you can understand them. But better.

To my loving, caring, absolutely hilarious SISTA

I thank you,

Thank you for not letting me leave the garage with my bike when I was in 4th grade without a helmet

You've always been so caring towards me- I used to find it annoying but it just comes from your loving being. Mom always says "Kayla, you are not her mom, I am" and then you'd prob cry and then be like but MOMMMMM. You are this way with everyone you care about. You wouldn't want anything to happen to them so you almost act motherly towards them- or is it just me? Do you act like this to the Trader Joe's employees? You ARE there a lot...

Throwback to when dad sold our beloved Nintendo 64 for $11.

Why are we SO weird, like mom and dad are so normal... SIKE. I love that we are crazy, that we are loud and we are known as funny sisters to people. I like to call us the white version of Tia and Tamera. Tia and Tamera aren't even that funny or cool but it is a cute duo that I think we can relate to.

Thank you for always challenging me to DDR when we were little (Move your feet or higher, obviously)

Thank you for the time where we drove to Short Hills mall except ended up in Perth Amboy and pulled over on the LEFT SIDE of the Garden State Parkway and got ripped a new one by the policeman

Thank you for that time you told me to pick up the phone because it was dad but it was, indeed, our orthodontist and I picked up with "Hi, dad!"

Thank you for telling me in the first place to apply to Virginia Tech

... and thank you for driving to Virginia Tech with mom only to find me "SLEEPING"

Thank you for supporting me in everything that I do. Most times I feel that you are more proud of me than I am of myself.

Thank you for finishing The Office with me- that was monumental and I shed a tear while writing this

Thanks for kicking my door so hard that you left a mark and then mom wouldn't let you go to bed without cleaning it. We learned karma at a young age- sweet, sweet karma.

Thank you for that time you surprised me with Beyonce tickets. That was amazing.

Thank you for offering to leave D.C to go home because I couldn't get into the CLUBS on your 24th. The bouncers don't know what a capable 19-year-old looks like — clearly

Younger sisters are bitches. I'm sorry for that time I bit you before we had company coming over and you had to hide in the bathroom so you could cry *in peace.*

A sister is someone you are stuck with when you are growing up. You may fight, you may rip each other's hair out, steal each other's clothes, tell on each other; but at the end of the day, you hug and never go to bed angry. Not all siblings stay close after they are not forced to be, well that's not the case with us. You are strong, you are inspiring, you are a hard worker, and you love with your whole being. I love you!!!!

"muah muah muah muah muah muah muah"

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