A Thank You Letter To Mom And Dad
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Student Life

A Thank You Letter To Mom And Dad

From your homesick daughter

A Thank You Letter To Mom And Dad
Claire Birchmier

Let me start out by saying that I was never going to be this girl. I was never going to be homesick while I was busy adventuring my way through college or life. In fact, the last few months before college, I was so ready to move out and experience freedom because I was growing annoyed by my parents’ subtle dictation over certain facets of my life. My parents were never harshly strict, but don’t get me wrong, they still had expectations. I always had a curfew, my parents always knew where I was, and I couldn’t decide to do whatever I wanted in high school. That being said, I was ready to break away and make my own rules and decisions, without my parents’ approval. However, something I never anticipated was missing them, at least not as much as I currently do. Nostalgia has gotten the best of me in many regards. Lately, I find more and more reminders about everything I love about home and my parents. While homesickness isn’t pleasant, it’s helped me become more thankful for everything my parents did for me as I was growing up. So here’s just a few reasons why I’m grateful for you, Mom and Dad.

Thank you for all of the high expectations. Wow, I never thought I would openly say this one, but seriously, I am immensely grateful for it. You guys always propelled me to get involved in various sports, 4-H, and volunteer work, and I was expected to have A’s on all of my report cards. Thanks for telling me that an A- isn’t the same as an A, if you hadn’t, who knows if I would have kept a 4.0 throughout the madness of high school! Your high expectations have translated into me also having high expectations for myself because I know what my abilities are and am determined to not settle for mediocracy in any area of my life. You never let me take the easy ride and I’m grateful for the lessons that you have taught me.

Second, thank you for raising me in a church, surrounded by a loving and caring church family. I never thought I would miss waking up early and going to church every Sunday, but I recognize how vital of a role my faith and church has played in developing my character and who I am. In college, my beliefs and morals have been tested numerous times, and I’m thankful to have a deep faith to see me through tough decisions. Additionally, my faith has allowed me to meet many wonderful individuals in college.

Third, thank you for all the home-cooked family dinners throughout the years. Yeah dining center food is fine, but lately I’ve missed all the healthy, delicious meals you guys spent so much time planning and making every night. Thanks for always providing healthy and fresh foods to nourish my growing body.

Fourth, thank you for encouraging me to participate in sports and to stay active. I can’t remember a basketball/volleyball game or a cross country/track meet that you guys never made or attempted to make just to cheer me on. No matter the outcome of the game or the meet, you guys were always proud of me if I was giving it my all. Also, a special thank you to my mom for always asking me if I wanted to go to kickboxing or boot camp classes and for pushing me while training for a half marathon together. I can truly say that part of my love for exercise stems from all of the hours of working out with you.

Finally, thank you guys for loving me through everything. There were so many times when I challenged you or gave you attitude, but despite it all, you have always loved and respected me. Thanks for teaching me that a break up isn’t the end of the world, just a new beginning. Thanks for understanding when I got my first speeding ticket and for treating me like an adult through it all.

I know these are things I should have told you guys much sooner and much more frequently, but it might have just taken moving away from home to appreciate all the little and big things you guys have done for me and will continue doing for me. Love you Mom and Dad.


Your Slightly Homesick Daughter

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