Summer 2018 Was One of The Most Memorable Yet

Thank You, Summer '18, For Giving Me Memorable Experiences I Will Always Be Grateful For

I am sad to see you go so soon but I will always remember this amazing summer.

Thank You, Summer '18, For Giving Me Memorable Experiences I Will Always Be Grateful For
Lindsey McEvoy

"Time flies by when you're having fun" is the biggest understatement. You've probably come to realize this as you grow up and time quickly slips away. You blink and the whole summer has gone by. I think a lot of people can agree that summer is the season that we all look forward to the majority of the year. The weather is warm, people are happy, it's acceptable to take time off from work to be with your family, and it's a time when unforgettable memories are made. However, this season seems to be the one that goes by the fastest. We try to soak up every minute of it and live in the moment and when we think back on it, it feels like it was only a dream.

I have been looking forward to summer 2018 since summer 2016 when I finished my freshman year of college. It was this summer that I decided I wanted to partake in an incredible study abroad trip that my major was offering two years away in the summer of 2018. As a Dance major, my program at school doesn't offer a semester-long study abroad program. Instead, they offer a 3.5-week dance intensive in London every 2 summers. I knew I wanted to experience this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. I had never been overseas to Europe and I was excited to expand my dance studies to a culture abroad. Even though the native language in London is English, I knew I was in for a unique experience like no other.

Summer 2018 finally came and I was counting down the days until I took off for London. To say this trip was one of the most amazing and memorable ones doesn't truly do it justice. I had the privilege of spending a month in one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The architecture was absolutely beautiful. There's something about old architecture that blows me away. There's so much history surrounding it. Each building, church, or even street light that I passed by had such intricate details engraved in it. It was like nothing I had ever seen.

I was lucky enough that in addition to taking multiple dance classes throughout the week, I was able to do a lot of touring not just in London but also all around England. I checked off over 20 items on my bucket list. Just to name a few, I visited:

1. Stonehenge

2. The Roman Baths

3. The Wimbledon Championships

4. Dover white cliffs

5. Canterbury

6. Buckingham Palace

7. Abbey Road

8. The Parent Trap House

9. Camden Market

10. British Museum

Being able to take a variety of classes from some of London's well-known choreographers was a surreal experience. I acquired knowledge that I wouldn't have gained if I hadn't had this experience. I soaked up everything that I could from the 7 2-hour intensive classes I took each week. I learned a great deal about myself as a mover and how I can move forward in my training. Taking this knowledge I gained back to my training and studies at school has inspired me as a choreographer with a new vocabulary of movement I was exposed to.

So thank you summer 2018 for giving me one of the most memorable experiences that I will always be grateful for. It flew by, but that's how I know I had a blast.

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