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Thank You, Odyssey



I joined this platform during my sophomore year of college, unaware of the impact it would eventually have on me. I joined so that I could have my own outlet. I was accepted into Rowan's Odyssey community, excited to share my words.

Right now, I have one more year left of school. I have my last year of grad school to go. Odyssey has stuck by me since I was 19. At 22, I am letting it go.

During my time with Odyssey, I have written over 150 articles, writing about countless topics. Odyssey was a mental outlet, and I was glad to know that it was there whenever I needed it. When I needed to rage, I went to my keyboard and typed until my hands hurt.

I published my feelings most of the time, and it was great.

Throughout this exciting and educational time, I received lots of feedback from many people. Most of it was positive, but there were the negative Nancys who tried to shut me down. When they called my articles "garbage," it only made me stronger.

I hated making this decision. My ideas were running low, and I started thinking about my own future. Writing has always been a healthy hobby for me, but Odyssey made it much more enjoyable. These are the hardest goodbyes.

I have been writing for Odyssey for almost four years, but I also have been editing my team's articles for over two years. I was a part of a great community with tons of talented creators. I always loved reading their work.

I am going to miss it all. I looked forward to Wednesdays, the day of editing and writing. I loved being a source of help for my creators, and I loved communicating with our President. I am happy to be passing on my position to a creator who has shown responsibility and interest in being an editor.

Again, it was hard to do this, but it had to be done. I did my part and I had done enough. Plus, this next and last year of schooling is the most important, as I will be working on completing my Master's thesis. So, no worries, I am still going to keep writing, but I need all of my focus to be on the paper that gets me a Master's degree.

I am going to miss Odyssey with all my heart. I dedicated a lot of time to this platform, and I do not regret joining back in November of 2016. It has changed me for the better.

Thank you, Odyssey, for everything. I will never forget you.

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