Obama, Barack, The Coolest President EVER,

I just want to say thank you. I am so grateful I was able to see such a visionary in office. I remember my dad had multiple Michelle Obama pins that he proudly wore. My brother had a shirt from Obama’s first campaign that he wore all the time and I had a huge sticker on my student planner. Even though I was only in sixth grade at the time that Obama ran for the first time I still remember all of it. I remember thinking how cool this man was. He emulated hope and I think that was something people had not had in a while. He was and still is an amazing speaker. I loved watching him speak because he carried himself so well and had a confidence that made even twelve year old me understand that if I worked hard, I could make a change just like Obama. Plus he has the best dad jokes I’ve ever heard.

Michelle Obama is amazing. Not only is she an ivy league graduate, she is an eloquent speaker, a wonderful mother, a fashion icon, and inspires me to actually want to eat kale and exercise. She is a wonderful role model who inspires girls everywhere to focus on education and work hard because boys will always be around when you’re older. She is such a positive person who embodies what it means to be The First Lady. I recently watched the movie about Barack and Michelle’s first date; the whole time Michelle reiterated that it was not a date and that she was focused on working hard and making a name for herself, with or without a man. Barack had so much respect for her and her work ethic. It was an incredible movie and everyone should watch it.

I am going to miss the Obama’s so much. It breaks my heart that they cannot lead our nation any longer but I just want them to know how much I appreciate all they did. I know that being President can be a hard job due to the constant scrutiny. Just know that you had an impact on my family and I.

Last but not least, Joe Biden. I now understand why Leslie Knope loved Joe Biden so much. He is an incredible man who has such a passion for the people and his work. He has been a huge advocate for holding schools accountable for sexual assault, which is an issue I am incredibly passionate about as well. Joe Biden has never been afraid to speak up about what is right. He inspires me to never be afraid to speak up for what is right and what I believe in. Also, he loves ice cream a lot just like me so we are basically the same person. I am going to miss the Obamas and the Bidens dearly and I am so grateful I was able to see this presidency during my lifetime.