Thank you!

I seriously can't say that enough.

You've been there for me when I felt like no one else was.

You've been there since the very beginning and have supported me every step of the way.

Thank you for everything!

For listening to me rant on about my "problems".

Giving me honest advice. Even if it's not what I want to hear.

Laughing at my not so funny jokes.

For taking my Tuesday/Thursday morning messages well. (LOL, insider..between me, you and the septic)

For treating me and loving me as your own.

Thank you for taking me in!

You stepped in and did what you didn't have to do. I will forever be grateful for that and everything that you continue to do for me.

I could never begin to put into words how much I love you and, for what seems like the hundredth time just in this blog, thank you!

I could go on and on for days about everything you've done for me and how I'm thankful but you'd literally be reading for days and days.

So I'll sum it up by saying this... I was raised with just my dad and brother, I never really had the "mom" time or the love that most girls experience (In no way am I bashing my mom! She loves me, no doubt. I'm just saying I didn't live with her) from their moms. I never got to sit down and have those long personal talks and then have someone give me sound advice in return. I had never had someone trust me and allow me to be my own person and make memories. I never had someone hold me while I cried over a silly boy. I never had it. And I have all of that with you. I have the love. I have the support. I have the comfort that I never experienced growing up. And for all of that I'm forever thankful!

I love love love you!