A Thank You Letter To La Salle Academy
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A Thank You Letter To La Salle Academy

Because of you, I was able to meet all of these incredible people and I will never forget you as well

A Thank You Letter To La Salle Academy
Vanessa Coelho

Dear La Salle Academy,

With only a couple of days left of school, I can confidently say that I have enjoyed the last four years and wish it was not ending so soon. This school has been my second home and going to college, it will be a difficult transition for me. I have created so many amazing memories and have met so many great people who I consider family now. I knew coming into this school that I would enjoy it, but I never expected to have had the experience I did. The person I am today is because of everything you have taught me and have done for me over the years. You have provided me with intelligent teachers who really care about me and my well-being. Though some teachers have their own teaching styles that really didn’t work with my learning style, they still have a nice personality and I am happy to have met them. I am so appreciative for every single person I have met through classes and after school activities. The thing I value most in life is friendship and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to create many special bonds with special people.This is letter is to thank you for everything you have given me and I feel I should thank everyone who has made an impact on me.

Thank you to the five people who make me smile everyday, and love me for my weird self. Thank you to the girl who’s birthday I will never forget and I will never forget you. Thank you to the extremely talented violinist who just makes me want to hug her every time I see her because of her cuteness. Thank you to the extremely sweet and intelligent girl who I have made my dance buddy and only call by her last name. Thank you the girl who I consider my younger sister but never lets me hug her. Thank you to the artistic girl who taught me how to make the best eggs I have ever tasted. Thank you to the incredible singer who I will one day see on broadway and still give inspirational quotes whenever she needs some cheering up. Thank you to the sweetest girl ever who went into Dunkin with me with zombie makeup on. Thank you to the girl who I got to know in sophomore English class and was the first person to start calling me Nessie.

Thank you to the girl that danced with me in the bathroom in cookie monster pjs, to the song "What Does The Fox Say?". Thank you to the sophomore girl who has the voice of an angel-- we will get Mr. Lemon soon! Thank you to the three girls who consider me their grandma, you always make me smile and I’m proud to be your fake grandma. Thank you to the girl who was always late for school even though her host house was across the street. Thank you to the girl who locked me outside of the school when we first met. Thank you to the boy who always makes me laugh and would talk to me near the pegasus door while waiting for your ride. Thank you to the girl who was the first person I took a picture with and posted in on instagram at LSA (hint: your @ was pinkfedora back then). Thank you to the junior girl who always gives me hugs every time we see each other, and probably gives better hugs than me. Thank you to the girl who asked to use my phone at freshman orientations and then realized we met in fourth grade.

Thank you the the very sweet girl who has been my locker buddy for the last four years, I’m very glad to be to sitting next to her at graduation. Thank you to the boy who always puts a smile on my face and just #swimming. Thank you to the girl who is an amazing stage manager and also dragged a chair across the floor at prom to sit with us. Thank you to the girl who understand my pain in history class last year and this year in physics. Thank you to the girl who creates such beautiful art, I hope to see my drawing of a bunny one day. Thank you to the boy who is loud and obnoxious and has only let me hug him once. Thank you to the girl who’s name means beauty and is beautiful in many ways. Thank you to the girl who always says hi to me in the hallway and everytime she walks into psych class.Thank you to the girl who I had freshman bio with and I know will be an amazing architect. Thank you to the boy who I just recently met and just want his 'Bop or Die' playlist. Thank you to the girl who is a great actress and thought I was in book club, but I wasn’t. Thank you to the sophomore girl who is a great tap dancer and just a great dancer in general. Thank you to the girl who has English class with me and relates to me whenever anything Portuguese comes up.

Thank you to my freshman religion teacher who always let me talk to her in the mornings before school started. Thank you to my sophomore chemistry teacher who always stayed after school to help me with the math. Thank you to the junior math teacher who actually made me understand math. Thank you to my senior year English teacher who teaches with so much enthusiasm and never fails to make me laugh each class. Thank you to my music teacher who I see every day and listens to me when I talk, even when ramble on.

You all have made a large impact on my life and I will never forget you. You have no idea how much I appreciate every one of you. In your own ways, you have made me into who I am today. I will miss you all so much and thank you for all the memories. Now, back to LaSalle. Because of you, I was able to meet all of these incredible people and I will never forget you as well. Thank you for all of this. Thank you, La Salle Academy.

Love Always,


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