Tell a boy bye

I saw this picture while I was scrolling through social media that said:

"I stopped searching your name on Instagram to see what you were posting. I stopped looking through girls likes to search for your name. I stopped looking for your name when I checked to see you viewed my Snapchat stories.

I stopped wishing you would finally call or text me to see how I was doing.

I stopped wondering what you were doing all day every day. I stopped worrying about how you were doing and simply how your day was. I stopped waiting for you to realize I was right here. I thought it would never stop until one day everything had to do with you finally did, and that day it finally all stopped... I felt whole again even without you!"

That picture made me realize that, that is exactly how I was living my life for almost a year and a half, and I finally learned that enough is enough. I learned that no man is worth that much no matter. Don't put so much time and effort into someone that could care less about you and what you are doing and what you are liking and aren't liking or even if you have viewed their Snapchat story.

I also realized I didn't want to waste any more of my time caring about someone that could care less about me so I have moved on.

I have moved on to someone that actually cares about me and about my feelings, one that checks in on me and asks me how my day was. One that doesn't ignore me for days at a time one that sends a quick, "Hey, I'm busy today, I'll talk to you when I can." No, I don't make him do that, he does it because he actually cares and is putting in some effort! I have honestly never had someone that puts in effort before in my life, it's kind of sad, but it's all okay now, I have that now! Which, I have to say, is very attractive and I am one lucky girl!

You know they say good things happen to those that wait, well I'm very glad I wasted so much time on you waiting around because by me waiting around, it caused me to lose all interest in you and I found him and he's great!

So, I guess you could that this is a thank you for wasting my time, thank you for being a complete jerk, thank you for leaving me wondering what is so wrong with me, because if you hadn't done any of these things, I would have never found him, the guy that treats me the way I should be treated, and is always reassuring me that there isn't anything wrong with me!

So, again, thank you!

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