Why I Have The Best Mom In The World
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Why I Have The Best Mom In The World

Thank you for Being My Mommy

Why I Have The Best Mom In The World

Dear Mom,

It's hard to put into words how grateful I am that God saw fit for us to be mother and daughter and I'm even more grateful that he used you as the vessel to bring me into the world. From the start, it's always been just the two of us HONEY. The memories we've created, the laughs we have shared, and the bond we have will always be etched in my memory. When nobody else understands me, you do, and you always show me love, acceptance, and understanding.You were and are always there when I need you no matter how impatient or neurotic I get. I know, growing up, I didn't always understand the decisions you made (sometimes I still don't), but I know you made them out of love. I also didn't always appreciate the things you did but I also know they were done out love. Like the time I thought I lost my leg after I got a shot and you bought me Chinese food and carried me up the stairs.

Thank you for teaching me how to be strong and independent and how to think for myself. I've lived away from home for almost four years now and I've never felt too far way because you're always in the back and front of my mind or a phone call away cheering me on and loving me from a distance. Even though Howard was a leap of faith and has been a crazy ride, you believed in me enough to let me go and live my own life. I love you for always supporting me with everything I've ever done. Growing up, I knew I could always look into the crowd (in the back, because you're always late!!!) and see you there. Whether it was my first field day, my third-grade patriotic program, band concerts, chorus shows, and three, almost four, (HU C/O 2017!!!!!) graduations you always showed up and showed out. Even when you couldn't make it, you were at work making a way for us. You've taught me how to love unconditionally and how to stand up for myself (which I'm still learning to do, whatever). I've seen this love in how you love my brothers and sisters and even the unlovable. No matter what life throws at you, you never stop fighting. You've shown me that you can rise above your circumstances/problems and do anything in your wildest dreams. Although you may not be where you want to be, I believe in you and know you can do anything and, no matter what, I'm always going to cheer you on.

I thank you for giving up your body, career, and life to be my mom. I thank you for all the sacrifices you've made the last twenty-one years and even yesterday. Thank you for allowing me to go to all the schools I wanted to go to (who does that?). Thank you for spending your last dime to make sure every single Christmas, birthday, and summer were worthwhile. Thank you for the sleepless nights you took to make sure I was still breathing when my asthma acted a fool because I refused to take my inhaler. Thank you for all the things I don't know that you've done. Thank you for being my tooth fairy, my Santa Claus, my ATM, the Vargas to my Reyas, my funny butt, my muscle, and my bestest pal. Although we don't agree on a lot of things (I know more sit down) our relationship has shown me that opposites DO attract. I can't wait to graduate and watch Criminal Minds with you (which I'm doing right now).

P.S Go Novi, Go Novi, Go Novi

P.P.S Don't call me crying when you read this. You know I don't like the feels.

Love, Nana

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