Most people in high school were involved in something. Whether it be sports, band, or something outside of school, most high schoolers are busy. For myself, I had it twice as bad. Volleyball season started in the summer and ending in the winter. Then track would pick up in winter and end right before volleyball started. So personally I was always busy.

I didn't mind being busy. I actually liked it a lot. I always felt like I had to be doing something. This was a good quality to have because always doing something results in a routine. For example, every morning, I would go to volleyball workouts, a full day of school, track practice in the afternoon, and come home and do my homework. Everyday. And once workouts were over, I would go to track practice before and after school.

Track was the one thing I felt like I was actually good at. I felt effortless when I ran and it was the only sport where I didn't dread going to practice for. After my first two years of doing it, I decided to dedicate my senior year to it. I wanted to win regionals and districts and then eventually state. I planned on getting college offers that would essentially pay for my education.

Well, surprise — I'm neither a state champion or a D1 athlete with a scholarship. But I do go to an amazing school. It was a hard choice in deciding what to do after high school. Although I did genially enjoy running, I knew I would not want to do it in college. I felt as if I wouldn't be able to commit the time or work needed. Looking back on the whole situation now, I have no idea how athletes do it now.

In retrospect, I miss track so much. Now in college, I spend most of my time somewhere between class, my sorority, and sleep. Not being involved in any sports or athletic anything is weird. Sometimes, I still feel like I need to get to practice or to a meet.

A quick shoutout to college, for making me stop running. OK, it's not totally college's fault but sometimes it sure does feel like it. Anyone who had to quit a sport they once loved can agree. But one time when you were on the track, court, field, or whatever was the last time. Most good things come to an end. And all you can do now is look back and be thankful for the relationship you had with that one sport.