We went to high school together and only knew of one another. You helped me with my high school student council platform, but I didn't know you would help me find so much happiness in college. When you found out I was going to Baylor, I'm glad you reached out to me to room together. Since then, I'm glad you've become one of my best friends.

1. We laugh together and it's always an ab workout

It is ACTUALLY so painful to laugh with you, but so worth it. We can make anything into an amazing time.

2. We can cry or share two tears together

Or three. I mean, it's college.

3. You bit me

Our random little affections that grew us closer together

4. You have hella stalking skills

Give you a first and last name, and you'll pull up their house address #It'sCalledBeingResourceful

5. Your little catch phrases 

Calling everyone "honey" makes us feel so so sweet.

6. We literally became each other's day 1s

We stuck together on move-in day, and then stuck together ever since.

7. You share memes with me

When I get that first message in the morning, I know I can count on you to make me laugh like a fool in public.

8. You're not afraid to speak your mind

So I don't have to worry about you being judge-y on the inside, I'll just know your honest opinion right away

9. You're unapologetically you

10. You're beautiful

11. Random late night food runs

I can always count on someone to share munchies with me

12. You're adventurous with me. 

Let's explore everywhere!

13. You keep it real and honest with me

14. You make me feel like I'm not alone

Because you're right below me

15. You're truthful and vulnerable with me

16. You don't like playing games

17. You're Andreea Loghin

That, in itself, is so hard to explain cause you're you.

18. You're my best friend