A Thank You To Andra Day, For Helping Me 'Rise Up'
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A Thank You To Andra Day, For Helping Me 'Rise Up'

You helped me "Rise Up" during a time that I never thought I could.

A Thank You To Andra Day, For Helping Me 'Rise Up'
Andra Day / YouTube

The capacity of emotions that surrounding the music we listen to as individuals is never ending. We use music for so many different reasons every single day. We use it as an escape, for a dance party, when we're happy, when we're sad, lost or lonely – and why? Because music just has a way of speaking the words that we sometimes cease to find within ourselves.

I believe that a song can speak a thousand words if the right ears are listening and anyone can agree with the fact that we have all encountered a song that simply speaks to us. We go through times in our lives that sometimes make us feel so much without the ability to express the sorrows or the joys in our hearts at that time with words, which is why we often turn to music to help us.

Sometime within the past year, a song was written by singer/songwriter Andra Day titled "Rise Up." The song is a beautiful story about love, heartache, strength and an undying devotion to overcoming the hardships of life that will bring chills to your skin and tears to your eyes.

This song is a fight song. A fight song for anyone who feels "broken down and tired," and for anyone who is facing a battle that they never saw coming.

This song is hope, hope for anyone who can't seem to find a way out. For anyone who believes that this battle is the end.

This song is love, true and unconditional love for any person who is struggling. Love in knowing that you are not alone.

This song is the kind of song that will help get you through any uphill battle thrown your way. It helped me believe that the impossible was possible and that you can achieve anything as long as you put your mind to it and never, ever give up. I helped my family during monumental hardships find strength within an incredibly difficult situation. It gave me hope - and for that, Andra Day, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving the world a song that has brought everything that we needed to hear to the radio.

Thank you for helping me find a little extra strength in the struggle and a little extra hope in the sorrows. So many talented artists release songs that try to hit you in the feels and make you want to listen to their song on repeat, but this single is not just a song. It's an anthem. An anthem to the broken, the tired, the weary and the weak. Everyone who just needed a little extra something to get them through the day.

It takes a beautiful soul to write beautiful music, and you are just that.

So thanks, girlfriend, for giving the world a little extra light at the end of the tunnel. You deserve a round of applause.

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