I remember the day we first met. I limped into an office and I saw you, smiling at another patient, and you looked up. When our eyes met I thought to myself, "Oh fuck, he's going to ruin my life." You did ruin it but in the best way possible. The amazing chaos you brought into my life has made me laugh, cry, and want to rip my hair out but every minute has been so worth it. We met and were friends for the LONGEST time because we both were afraid to take a leap. I'm so glad that we finally did take that leap because I get the pleasure of taking leaps with you every day of our life.

I want to thank you for being my best friend before my boyfriend. And I mean that literally. You were my friend first and you gave me someone to trust when I didn't think I could trust someone like I did with you ever again.

Thank you for two years of support and patience. I know I have a bad attitude and baggage. I know that I'm super grumpy in the morning and I need constant love and affection. I know that I'm not the best girlfriend and I have flaws but you truly are the best person I know and you accept me for who I am, as I am.

That doesn't mean you don't have flaws and haven't made mistakes, but they make me love you more because you've grown so much since I've met you. You're an even better man than you were the first day I met you.

I want to thank you for running to pick up tampons when I'm running low, with no excuse or manly awkwardness. You're amazing because you run to the store and pick me up cold medicine and juice when I don't feel well. How you stop to pick me up fruit snacks and juice boxes when I want them because I'm five years old.

I want to thank you for two full years of love and happiness. I want to thank you for being my best friend and for having my back. Here's to many more years together and so many more thank yous.

It's been a great run here at Odyssey. I've written about celebrity relationships, my personal relationship, breakups, and about so many other things. But it's time to move on. In this last article, I wanted to thank my boyfriend for always being there. But I also wanted to thank Odyssey for giving me a space to write my heart out.