Ladies, we have ALL been in at least one relationship where we think, why did I just waste my time? I'm here to tell you, you didn't waste your time at all. You can learn so much about yourself and what you deserve just by dating one single douche-bag. Personally, I have dated a few of those and it's all taught me enough lessons to shape me into who I am. Four years ago I had my first serious relationship, he taught me disrespect, he was full of it. He literally broke me so bad that it made me completely hate myself. It was hard coming back from that one. Another taught me ignorance is bliss, as long as I didn't know he was getting booty pics from the community call girl then what's the harm? Right? What I didn't know couldn't hurt me? Another taught me not to date trash. When you date trash you get called every name in the book and a phone call in the middle of the night he had his hands on a much younger girl, WE LOVE THAT. I thank all of them for teaching me exactly what I do NOT deserve. Girls, all of this will lead up to the one who treats you with respect, is loyal to you, someone who actually deserves you! My sweet boy Andrew Maupin has taught me self respect, loyalty, empathy, communication, self-love, love, unconditional care, and honesty. All of my hardships before him led up to this moment of complete happiness, devotion, and love in my life. Before him, I was in a dark place in my life full of loathing myself, and placing all of my happiness into someone else. I was completely lost, and without him, I honestly have no idea where I would be today. I have been with Andrew for two years and in that time he has been there for me through my success and my fails, he has supported me through everything and for once, red flags haven't flown at me at rapid speed. For once, I can honestly say I love myself and I am fully able to pour my love into him as well. My nana always told me you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. That is single-handedly the wisest piece of advice to any girl looking for her "next". Take all of the lessons you have learned over the years from these silly little boys and let it shape you into a strong woman who will THRIVE! From my heart to yours, set aside the ones who don't deserve you, love yourself, and one day you'll find the MAN that does deserve you! When you learn to love yourself for all that you are, you will thrive, you will make friends, you will be so full of happiness it will be surreal. So thank you, Andrew, there won't be a next. :)