Oh! The Things You Could Buy
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Oh! The Things You Could Buy

... If you didn't have to buy textbooks.

Oh! The Things You Could Buy

The end of August has arrived which means it's time to send the college students back up to school where they belong. With the new semester quickly approaching, parents and students alike will be shelling out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make the semester run smoothly with food, rent, tuition and books. The first three things mentioned in that list sound like necessities, but books ... Although they are a necessity for learning especially in college they are probably the most annoying and wallet breaking expense for most college students since it is not factored into tuition. Assuming that the average college student takes around 15 credits in a semester and has varying difficulty in the classes they take, they can expect to spend between $250 and $600 per semester. That total can jump to nearly $700 to $1000 per academic year and nearly $3800 for four years of college. Lets just say that the average cost per semester rounds up to $400 (which may I mention is absolutely ridiculous for a few books that you'll only use for maybe four months at the most. With so many other things in the world students may need or want, why is the price of textbooks so high? While you cry at the sight of the price of your textbooks you're required to purchase this semester, feel free to consult this when you realize all the better things you could be spending your money on besides your dreaded textbooks.

1. Nearly a month of rent

Rent is expensive and so are textbooks. Why spend money on books that you will only use for four months when you can pay for a roof over your head for one month out of the year.

2. Three Winter Coats

Unless you go to school in the South or sunny California it is bound to get cold at some point where you live. You're going to need a jacket to keep you warm when its snowing

3. Dinner For 6 At A Nice Restaurant

Spend the night out on the town with 5 of your closest friends or family for a night you will never forget. Eat fancy food and drink whatever you want enjoying the company of those you love.

4. Round trip plane ticket (anyone up for Florida?)

Use the money from first semester's textbooks and spend the second semester's money on a plane ticket to somewhere tropical. Spring break here we come!

5. An iPad

A little bit less expensive than a laptop but very useful for keeping notes. Sometimes you can even find the textbooks you need for free online!

6. Concert tickets (with good seats of course)

What's better than spending the night with friends at an awesome concert of that band you've loved for years? Spend the night dancing and singing away!

7. Go on a shopping spree

$400 can go pretty far especially when you spend it right. Go for a shopping spree at your favorite stores!

8. Take a painting class

Spend your time learning something new or picking up a new skill. Painting is a great way to release stress and have fun while doing it.

9. Go Skydiving

Skydiving is certainly on my bucket list of things to do and at nearly $200 per person who could pass up doing something both exhilarating and worth-while that you may only get to do once in your life.

10. Take a Flying Lesson

Is it just me or does flying a plane sound like an awesome idea? Maybe not to someone who is afraid of heights but taking a flight lesson may just be the coolest idea in the world. Who needs textbooks when you can fly a plane!!!

11. Rent a house in the woods for a few days

Get away from the rest of the world and responsibilities. Spend that textbook money on a house in the woods for a few days with some friends. Put down your notebooks and pencils and have a get away!

12. Take a road trip

Ride along the coastline or go as far as your can will take you. Go for a hike, eat great food, and sleep in the car. You're only young once take advantage of all the things around you. Be spontaneous and use your $400 wisely.

13. Video games/consoles

Guys, this one is for you. Buy a playstation 4 and every madden, grand theft auto, and modern warfare game you can find. Sit in your dorm with a pizza and play your life away.

15. Donate to a worthy cause (or many!)

There are so many things you could buy with the amount of money you spend on textbooks, but who says you have to buy anything at all. Donate your money to the charity of your choice whether it be to a cancer foundation, a gofundme for a family in your neighborhood going through a tough time, for sheltered animals, or to your local high school or youth sports league or club. Anyone would be happy with a donation to make the dreams of others come true.

16. A puppy!

Does this one even need explaining? Just look at the little face!!!

17. Spend a few days exploring New York City

Taking a tour of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are so many things to do in New York City. Spend the day eating pizza and rainbow bagels while walking the streets of 5th ave and Rockefeller Center maybe even walk through Times Square on your way to Central Park. Have fun exploring!

18. 400 mega millions tickets

Invest in your future by buying 400 mega millions tickets for the best jackpot you can find. If you win, you can keep buy even more!

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