I Got COVID Tested at Texas A&M And It Was Way Easier Than I Thought
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I Got COVID Tested at Texas A&M  And It Was Way Easier Than I Thought

If you are unsure about getting test for COVID at A&M, this article is for you!

I Got COVID Tested at Texas A&M  And It Was Way Easier Than I Thought
James Lifton

Howdy, y'all! (or hello to the non-Texans out there), my name is James! I'm a Political Science major of 2023, and just about last, I got tested at one of the many locations dedicated to maintaining the spread.

We are currently seeing the positivity rate drop by 6% as the number of individuals being tested positive is decreasing, with some spikes in February and March due to the winter storm and spring break.

Students are still expected to wear masks, maintain the necessary precautions, and plan for the fall semester to go back to in-person classes.

1. Getting Tested At Texas A&M

File:Texas A&M University logo.svg - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org

So last week, I was required to get tested to take part in my fraternity's movie night, so I went to the campus main health center where they had a tent set up for covid-testing. To get an appointment, I just needed to fill out an appointment slot on curative and then create a new covid test on the link that all students must fill out for every test.

Once I did this, I went to the tent and did the swab test, it was straightforward, and if you needed any help, you could ask the individual that checked you in.

When you are finished, you snap it in half and place it in the little tube of liquid and shake it for a few seconds.

After shaking, place the tube in the bag provided and hand it over. I was told by the assistant that I would hear back at least 24-48 hours. I was able to get myself the day after, and luckily I was tested negative!!

2. Overall Thoughts About My Experience

Test Tube Covid-19 Mask - Free photo on Pixabaypixabay.com

Overall, the test provided was straightforward to do, it wasn't too complicated, and you had a little pamphlet as if you were confused about any of the steps.

It made me more relaxed about the process and the steps that the University is taking to keep us safe.

I think that if anyone needs to get tested, whether it is to see if you have covid or part of your daily routine, don't be afraid to check out the tent at A.P. Beutel Health Center.

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