We've all seen the Facebook posts and videos going around of these little candles or bath bombs that contain rings in it. But not just any rings, rings that have the opportunity of being worth $10,000. So, are these things legit? Sure, there are people praising them and people calling them complete scams ... so, I decided to test it out. I love bath bombs and I love to wear rings, what could go wrong?

I never envisioned myself ever buying anything from Fragrant Jewels at first. Sure, when I saw the videos I always thought "oh, how cool!" but I never actually considered that I, myself, could obtain one of these candles or bath bombs. But, alas, it eventually occurred to me that I could, too! A girl I had become pretty good friends with back in high school began posting pictures of the rings on Facebook. Again, nothing really struck me until I realized she actually sold them.

For some reason, her being a seller of these things made me actually really want one, I'm not sure why but there I was on a Saturday night, browsing their website, deciding between candles, bath bombs, scents and ring sizes with my sister. Some of the candles were funny - America candle? What would that smell like? Homecoming candle? Is that going to smell like grass on a football field and leather or like teen sweat as they get anxious thinking about asking their crush to the dance? Eventually, I settled on a bath bomb that was scented like cotton candy. After forking over the $14.95, plus shipping and handling, I anxiously awaited my jewel. I checked the tracker all the time and finally after about a week and a half, it was waiting for me in my mailbox.

Excited, I immediately opened it up and had to snap a picture.

There she was, looking beautiful. I was so excited, I immediately headed for the bath to try this sucker out. As soon as I unwrapped the bath bomb, I noticed that it was a tan color, instead of being a bright pink like I expected for a cotton candy scented bath bomb... strange...

Ignoring that, assuming maybe there'd be bits and pieces of pink and blue inside, I threw the bath bomb into the water. It began fizzing and immediately making my whole bathroom smell like warm vanilla sugar and the water turned to a pretty light brownish-reddish color with white swirls all around. While I enjoyed the scent of warm vanilla sugar and the pretty brown and white swirls, this didn't look or smell like cotton candy to me at all. A bit of a disappointment, but again... I love warm vanilla sugar, so it was alright.

I waited for what seemed like ages for enough of the bath bomb to melt away into the water for my ring to pop up in it's tiny, clear, but fogged up, capsule. Trying to open the capsule seemed impossible. At first, I assumed it was because my hands were wet, obviously, they had been sitting in the bath the whole time. After drying them, it didn't make opening the tiny little capsule, fit for only the Hulk to open, any easier. One side was slightly open, but would close as soon as I made any movements to my hand, talk about annoying. Eventually, I had to get out of the bath, almost slipping and breaking my neck with wet feet on a tile floor, and found a pair of scissors to help me pry the stupid thing open.

Finally, after hearing the crack of the tiny, plastic capsule, I knew I had finally got it open. I pulled my little ring and its paper out of the capsule and immediately thought the ring was adorable.

I could tell immediately by the fact that the jewels could move and spin that I definitely did not have a $10,000 ring, but I didn't care; it was still cute! Will it turn my finger green if I wear it a lot? Probably, but oh well.

Next, I knew I had to check out how much this ring was worth. My guess, maybe like $10 - $40. It definitely wasn't some fancy ring you would give to your significant other on Valentine's Day and definitely wasn't something you'd propose to a girl with. So, I drained the bath, dried myself off, dressed, and headed for the computer. I went onto the Fragrant Jewels website and went to their "Appraise/Vault" section of the website and typed in my code.

And then... popped up my disappoint; while expected, it was still disappointing.

Only $10? Of course it was only $10, but still... I got the cheapest ring they offer, how disappointing.

Things I Would Fix:

* If you claim it is cotton candy themed/scented/whatever, you should probably make it look and smell like cotton candy - not warm vanilla sugar.

* The capsules should be easily openable by people other than Superman.

* I was told, since it was my first purchase, I would get an extra ring and I never received it which makes me feel lied to... (update: After contacting them they said they'd send me another new ring... we'll see if it actually happens).

Things I'd Keep:
* Cute ring design!

* Though it wasn't the smell I looked for, I loved how the smell completely overtook the whole room into delicious vanilla and the swirls were cool looking in the water.

* Came super quick!

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Is It A Scam?: Heck no!

Would I Buy Again/Recommend To A Friend?: Yes!

If you want to get a candle or bath bomb of your very own, check out the site here!